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Template Personalization

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Store Fields: Use-case Scenarios

As discussed in Store Fields we offer two types of Fields –

User wise Personalization fields – These types of fields are used to set Customer-Wise data. This data either can be filled by Store Admin, Site Admin or by the Store Customer as per the setting.

Template Personalization (dropdown) – These types of Store fields are used to set predefined data (common for all Store Customers). Admin sets up this data and then it is available as a drop-down on block templates.

Read further to understand a use-case scenario of both the field types. 

Check the below image where I have created 4 different fields – 

  • Designation and Profile Image as a User-Wise Personalization Fields.
  • Address1 and Address2 as Template Personalization Fields.
Note – We will use these fields for further references.


How User-Wise Personalized Fields work?

Whenever you create a user-wise personalized field, it appears in the ‘My Account’ section of every store customer.

Examples of such fields can be – Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Blood Group, Designation, Customer’s Image, etc.


In the ‘My Account >> Store Field’, your Store customers will find all the User-Wise Personalization Fields. They can fill in the details of these fields and get pre-filled templates.

Admin Panel

  • At the Admin side, you will have to match the Template Fields Block Name with the Block Name of extra fields created.
  • For example – the block name of Profile Image while creating the Store Field was defined as a profileimage.


  • Now in templates, go to Templates >> Product Templates >> Action Menu of Template >> Edit Field Order.
  • Enter the block name of Image block as profileimage. 


  • Perform above steps with all the remaining blocks.

Designer Studio


How Template-Wise Personalized Fields work?

Template-Wise personalized fields appear as a dropdown of options in the designer studio. A store customer can select any of the suitable options from the available options. These options are provided by the Admin, no store customer can alter them.

An example of this field is – Address. The store can have many addresses due to different office locations. Thus, to save your customers from entering their address, again and again, every time, you can simply provide a dropdown of all office addresses.

To do so simply follow the below steps in the Admin Panel – 

  • Create fields with the Field Type – Template Personalization, for example – Address1 and Address2.


  • Click on Template Personalization. 
  • In the screen follows, click ‘+Add’ button to create your first Template Personalization option.
  • In the screen follows, enter a Field Title. This title will appear in the Designer Studio.
  • When a customer chooses this title, the system will automatically fill the ‘Template Personalized’ fields associated with the title.


  • Here we have created two office addresses, one is Indian Office and other is USA Office.


  • Now, these two options will appear as a dropdown in the designer studio

Designer Studio – 

  • Here, you can see that the two Template Personalization options – USA Office and India Office appear as options.
  • As soon as a customer chooses one profile the system will automatically fill the ‘Address1’ and ‘Address2’ fields.