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Tax Cloud

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Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Tax API TAB > TaxCloud

This third-party API is exclusive for the United States Market. TaxCloud is the internet's US only sales tax compliance service, which we help you, integrate as a third-party service in OnPrintShop.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate TaxCloud API with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with TaxCloud

  • Visit https://taxcloud.com/home and click on ‘Get Started’.
  • Fill in the required information to complete the registration process.
  • You can also register via Google or Amazon.


Step – 2 Configure your website

  • After successful registration and verification, configure your website to avail the features of TaxCloud. Go to TaxCloud Dashboard >> Settings (Left Sidebar) >> Stores & Website


  • Click on ‘Add Store’ and fill up the required data.
  • Enter a website name in the field of Website Name.
  • Enter the website URL under the field Website URL.
  • Select "Others" in "Store Type".
  • Select "Custom" in "E-Commerce platform Or Point-Of-sale system".
  • Click on ‘Save’.


Step – 3 Get The API Key and API ID

Once the website is added, the API key and ID are displayed with the website details.

  • Copy and Save the API details.


Step – 4 Enable Automated Compliance

There is a need to enable automated Compliance in order to handle all of the sales tax compliance and obligations, including calculation.

  • Enable it from the TaxCloud >> Settings >> Profile >> Current Pricing Plan >> Click On Service Plan


  • Enable the Automated Compliance if disabled.


Step – 5 Configure TaxCloud with OnPrintShop Admin panel

  • To configure TaxCloud with your website, go to Admin Panel >> Store Configurations >> External Service Settings >> ‘Tax API’ Tab >> TaxCloud Option>> ‘Action’ Dropdown >> ‘Edit’ Option
  • Enter the saved API ID and API Key in the fields.
  • For TIC refer to https://taxcloud.net/tic/ and enter desired TIC number.
  • Enter the correct origin address.
  • Save the details and continue.