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Stock Management

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Stock Management

Take control of your product stock and inventory using the Stock Management System in OnPrintShop.

With real-time inventory tracking, you can inform your customers about the remaining product stock and restrict them from ordering the out-of-stock products.

This will help you meet the inventory deadline request, avoid rush order fees from vendors by promising customer delivery dates that cannot be met at current stock quantities.

In the OnPrintShop system, we offer two types of Stock Management; Only Size and Size with Product Options.

Set any product’s (standard, pre-defined, etc.) stock from – Admin >> Product >> ‘Action Menu’ >> Edit

Under Configuration setting, you’ll find Enable Stock Management setting.

Stock Management1.png

  • None – The product stock will not be maintained.
  • Only Size – Maintain the product stock with respect to size.
    • Example for T-shirt product manage stock according to their sizes.
  • Size with Product Options – Maintain the product stock with the combination of Size and Additional Options

Only Size

Consider the below scenario, here the Sports bag product has two Sizes – Standard and Backpack.

Once, the Stock Management is enabled, you’ll find a new tab – Stock.

From this screen, you can manage, add, debit, view history, and import stock for a particular product.

Stock Management2.png

To add/credit a product stock, click on Stock Management16.png button.

In the pop-up, enter stock to be added/credited, enter comments and select Add/Credit+ from the dropdown.

This section gives a provision to the Admin such that they can add or debit stock manually. You can add the inventory from this section.

The stock is automatically debited when an order is placed.

Stock Management3.png

Stock History

You can view Product Size Wise stock history or Product Wise stock history.

Product Size wise history – Here, you can see the stock summary of Sports Bag product of Standard Size.

Stock Management4.png

Similarly, if you click on the History button Stock Management17.png, you can check the product’s stock history, this will include all the product sizes.

Stock Management5.png

  • Total Credited Stock: Total stock credited for this product.
    • In this case, it is 5000 for Backpack Sports Bag and 1000 for Standard Sports Bag.
    • So Total Credited Stock is 5000 + 1000 = 6000.
  • Total Debited Stock: Total stock debited by the customer i.e. the quantity of the order placed. It shows data of both online and offline orders.
    • In this case, there are 6 orders placed for both Standard and Backpack sports bags. So it is 1200.
  • Total Remaining Stock: This is the result of credited stock minus the debited stock.
    • In this case it is 6000 – 1200 = 4800
  • Export Stock History: This creates an excel file of all the stock debited and credit action.
    • This will help you analyze stocks, orders and manage stocks.

Size with Additional Options

Once the setting is – Size with Additional Options then, when you land on the stock page you can select options to create a combination. Using this combination, you can manage stock.

Add Default Stock – The stock entered here will be added for all the option combinations available for the product in the system.

Select the options to create stock.

Stock Management6.png

Once the combination is created and default stock is added the Manage Stock screen will look something like this.

  • Here, you can anytime edit the existing combination and create a new one.
  • Delete the current combination and start afresh.
  • View the default stock added for the combination.

Stock Management7.png

Rest all the things like history and viewing stock remain the same as the Only Size option.

Stock Setting

You can add a stock setting for each product for which you are managing stock.

Click on the Stock Setting Stock Management18.png and perform the following settings –

Stock Management8.png

  • Notify me when the stock reaches at
    • This will trigger an email - ADMIN_STOCK_NOTIFICATION when the stock reaches the quantity defined in the textbox.
    • See email content from – Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notification
  • Allow order if the product is out of stock?
    • If enabled, then the customer will be able to place an order despite the product being out of stock.
    • If kept disabled, then the customer can see that the product is out of stock but they cannot proceed to place an order.

Import Stock

Importing Stock is similar to any other Import Function.

Pre-requisites are –

Step – 1 Download the file

To download the file, select stock type – All, Only Size or Size with Product Options.

Stock Management9.png

  • Depending on the stock type selected, you’ll get the product list.
  • Select the product(s) to import stock.
  • Finally, download the file.

Stock Management10.png

Step – 2 Fill up data

Once you download the file, the following fields will be pre-filled in it –

Product ID – Product id of the product as saved in the system (database).

Product Size ID – Product size id of the product as saved in the system (database).

Product Additional Option ID – Product Additional Option id of the product as saved in the system (database). Applicable only if the Stock Management Type is Size with Product Options.

Option Attribute ID – Product Additional Option Attribute ID is saved in the system (database). Applicable only if the Stock Management Type is Size with Product Options.

Product Title – Title of the product as defined in the system.

Size Title – Size Title as defined in the Designer Options.

Additional Option Title – Additional option titles as defined in the system. Applicable only if the Stock Management Type is Size with Product Options.

Additional Option Attribute Names – Product Additional Option Attribute Names as defined in the system (database). Applicable only if the Stock Management Type is Size with Product Options.

Product Stock – Enter the product’s stock to update in the system.

Type – Define whether the entered stock is to be Credited or Debited.

  • Use D for the debited stock.
  • Use C for the credited stock.

Comments – Enter comments if any for every stock credit and debit.

Step – 3 Upload File

After filling in the stock details, upload the excel file.

The system will show the imported data summary.

The incorrect records will be skipped and you’ll be able to check its summary. Also, you’ll get the summary of correct records.

Stock Management11.png

To import the data, click on Import.

You’ll see a summary of all imported data. One can anytime click on Undo to revert the action.

Stock Management12.png

Front End

If you maintain stock of any product, then customers will get the following type of Stock Alert at the front end.

Stock Management14.png

If you maintain stock of any product, and the product is out of stock then the customer will get the following type of Out of Stock Alert at the front end.

Stock Management13.png

Note – You can choose not to display the product stock information on the product information pages. Connect with the technical team for the same.

Admin – Offline Order

When Admin places an order from Admin Panel, they’ll also get stock alert as shown below.

Stock Management15.png