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Shipping Section80

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Shipping Module

Dynamic height calculation for Shipping Package

In the current business model, the height of the package is dynamic and is based on the ordered quantity.

For this, we have implemented Dynamic Height calculation for Shipping Package of Standard Products. Following this development, we have added an option named – ‘Height Calculations’ in the Product Shipping Packages configuration.

Product Section7432.png

Follow the below steps to configure packages with dynamic height –

  • Set height calculation as ‘Dynamic Height’
  • This will display a column – Material Thickness. Here, enter the per unit thickness of the material (per piece).
  • Next, enter additional height to be added with the dynamic height. Additional height: The increase in height of the product due to the packing material.

Dynamic height calculation will be carried out only for the product with the following pricing method:

  • Range-based with Multiplication
  • Range-based without Multiplication
  • Fixed Quantity & Price

Maximum Quantity per package = ROUNDDOWN(Package Max Weight / Product Weight(per piece))

Total Number of Package = ROUNDUP(Total Order Weight/ Package Max Weight)

Dynamic Height Calculation = Material Thickness * Quantity in Particular Package.

The system’s calculation for package allocation is shown below with an example –


The dynamic height of the package will be calculated and will be auto-displayed in ‘Package Configuration’ while creating ‘Shipment Label’.

Product Section7434.png

While creating the shipment package, the system will automatically pick the package with the least wastage, keeping the count of the package boxes minimum.

Note – Dynamic height will only be calculated if the Material Thickness is configured. If it is not configured then the height configured in ‘Product Shipping Package’ will be taken into consideration.

Shipment Package Calculator

In an earlier release, we introduced multiple shipment package configuration with system auto calculating the box packages with minimum wastage.

In this release, we will provide you the advanced facility to calculate the best fit box and the right number of box packages required for Order Shipment all by yourself, for an existing product, or any custom product.

For this, we have added a new button – Package Calculator section in the shipping methods which allow to configure product-specific packages.

Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Third-party Shipping Method >> Action Menu >> Product Shipping Packages >> Package Calculator (top-right corner)

Product Section7435.png

  • Here, the first selection is Product Type.
    • If chosen Existing, then the ‘Select Product’ dropdown will list all the existing configured products. If the selected product's packages are configured with ‘Size with product options’ then additional options of the selected product having input type dropdown, radio and checkbox will also be displayed. Next, enter the order weight and height calculation method – Default or Dynamic Height.
    • If chosen Custom, then only enter the product weight.
  • Next, define the Product Shipping Packages. Here, the configured product packages will be displayed. Admin can anytime add new packages using the +Add button.
  • When done, click on the Calculate Package button.
  • Product Section7436.png

  • This will display the best package summary with all the details along with the Package Combination Summary with package wastage.