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Setup store CMS pages

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Setup Store CMS Pages

All the Store Admin can set their CMS pages and header/footer links for their OnPrintShop Store Store.

While setting up store, you’ll find Content Settings. These settings include CMS, Link, Side Bar, Banner, and My Account settings.

  • All – The settings applied on the website will be applicable for Store too.
  • Only Store – Store Admin needs to create their CMS Pages, set links, manage sidebar and add banners from Store Admin Panel, to display them on the Store Store.

Setup store CMS pages1.png

Add CMS Pages

To add a CMS page for a Store, login into Store Admin Panel.

Go to, B2B Admin >> Content Management >> Contents

Setup store CMS pages2.png

  • Here, you’ll find a list of all CMS Pages and Blocks available for the Default Store Website.
  • You can opt to Edit a CMS page and set a link. The new link will appear on the Store Store.
    • To Edit, click on Setup store CMS pages7.png pencil-like icon of any CMS page.
    • Make the necessary changes.
    • To set the link click on Save & Continue.
    • To set link, define the link position, and change other settings.
    • Setup store CMS pages3.png

    • Click on Save.
    • This will add the CMS page to the ‘Your Page’ list.
  • You can just edit the CMS block and save the changes made. This will add the CMS block at the designated location.

Your Pages

Once you have added the content pages for the store, then go to the ‘Your Pages’ section to view the list of pages.

  • You can anytime edit the pages, or delete them (if no longer relevant)
  • For the dynamic pages, you can set link using the link button Setup store CMS pages8.png

Setup store CMS pages4.png

You can anytime click on Setup store CMS pages8.png button and add a new CMS page for your Store Store. Refer to Content Pages to understand how to add content pages.

Add Header and Footer Links

To add a header/footer link page for a Store, login into Store Admin Panel.

Setup store CMS pages5.png

  • Duplicate Setup store CMS pages10.png the default links and set links for the store store.
  • Click on the Setup store CMS pages9.png button to add a new header/footer link for the store store.

Refer to Header and Footer section to understand how to add header/footer links.

Your Links

View all the enabled links for your store store.

You can anytime edit delete or create a new link for the Store Store.

Setup store CMS pages6.png