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Setup ZOHO CRM Plus

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OnPrintshop & Zoho CRM Plus Integration

The Zoho CRM API uses the OAuth2.0 protocol for authentication. It uses the Authorization Code Grant Type to obtain the grant token (code). This grant type allows you to share specific data with any application while keeping your usernames and passwords private. This protocol provides users with a secure and easy way to use authentication.

Read along the systematic guide to understand the ZOHO Integration with your application.

Step - 1 Application/Client registration 

  • Visit the ZOHO’s developers’ console
  • Sign up with your name, email address, and other required details.
  • Confirm your account via email and again login with an email and password. 
  • Or if you already have an account then login into the console.
  • Click on the ‘Add Client ID’ button.


  • Enter the following details
    1. Client Name – Enter the name of your application you want to register with Zoho.
    2. Client Domain – Enter the name of your domain to be used in URLs to identify your web page.
    3. Authorized Redirect URIs - A valid URL of your application to which Zoho Accounts redirects you with a grant token (code) after successful authentication. (Enter your ‘client domain’ in this section)
  • Click on Create. 


  • You’ll receive the following –
    1. Client ID – The consumer key generated from the connected app.
    2. Client Secret – The consumer secret generated from the connected app.
  • Save these codes and click the close button.


Step - 2 Get the Account ID

This is the account where all the synced data from the OnPrintShop Admin Panel will be mapped. To get the Account ID, follow the below steps –


  • This will take you to the Zoho CRM Dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a New Account.


  • In the screen following enter the account details.
  • When done, click on Save.
  • Now you can see your Account created on the list.
  • Double click the account name to open it.


  • You’ll get the Account ID from the URL of the account created. Copy and save the Account ID as shown in the above image.
  • This copied Account ID will be used at the Admin Panel of OnPrintShop for configuration settings.

Step - 3 Authorization Request 

To authorize your application, you need to redirect customers to your application. For successful authorization, you have to obtain the grant token.

There are two ways of obtaining the grant token - Redirection-based code generation and the Self-Client option.

We will use the Self Client option. To get the grant token, follow the below steps


  • In the Scope, enter – ZohoCRM.modules.ALL
  • Set expiry as 10 Minutes. This indicates the time the grant token (code) is valid.


  • Click View Code to display the code. This is the Grant Token. Save this code and click Close.
  • This Grant Token will be used on the code level to Generate Access and Refresh Tokens.

Step - 4 Configuration into Admin Panel

  • Now we will configure all the IDs, Secret Key, and Tokens into the Admin Panel.
  • On the Admin Panel, go to – Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Accounting tab >> Zoho
  • Enter the details collected above in the respective fields.


  • Make sure you enter all the details within 10 minutes (as the expiry time selected above was 10 minutes) and click on Save.
  • As soon as you save the data, the system will generate the Access Token and the Refresh Token, to sync your Admin Panel data into ZOHO.
  • Once, the above details are configured your application is ready for one-way communication with ZOHO.(i.e. configured modules data will be pushed from OnprintShop to ZOHO)

Step - 5 Configuration of Webhooks

The integration of ZOHO and OnPrintShop is mostly one way but for certain modules, we have made two-way configuration.

To push data from ZOHO to OnPrintShop, you will have to configure Webhook into your Zoho Account. Follow the below steps to configure Webhook – 

  • On the ZOHO CRM Dashboard, go to, Settings (top-right corner) >> Automation >> Action >> Webhooks tab
  • Under the Webhooks tab, click on Configure Webhooks button.


  • Fill in the New Webhook form with the required details and click on Save.


For further assistance in Webhooks configuration contact the OPS Support team at support@onprintshop.com