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Setup Xero

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Xero Integration (Add-On)

Xero is a Software Company, which provides software solutions to manage payroll, inventory, sales, reports, and other needs of a small business.

These software solutions help to monitor expenses, create invoices and reports, track change orders and job status, and manage customers and Invoice.

You can easily bind your customers and invoices with the Xero account to manage the accounting system. Bind customers’ details such as personal details, billing address, contact details, balance statements, reports, etc. For the invoices, bind details such as Invoice Transaction Detail, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Tax, Shipping Methods, and Order Product Details.

Xero is accounting software for small businesses, where owners can manage all their customers and invoices. After successful integration, data will be sent from the OnPrintShop system to the Xero Accounting system and Xero will manage all information into their website.

Step – 1 Login to Xero Account

Setup Xero8.png

Step – 2 Create an App

  • Go to, https://developer.xero.com/
  • Setup Xero7.png

  • To create an app using the following values:
    • App Name - your choice, but can't contain the word 'Xero'.
    • OAuth 2.0 – Select the Auth code type as a Web app.
    • Company or application URL – Enter the URL of your application, this needs to be an https address.
    • OAuth 2.0 redirect URI - add redirect URI’s in the following format {your_website}/external_service/xerov2/callback.php to connect the application with your website. For Example - https://opssslv70.onprintshop.com/external_service/xerov2/callback.php This also needs to be https.
Note: The link provided above is just an example, use your website link. Also, use an SSL certified link otherwise Xero Integration can malfunction.

Setup Xero6.png

  • Then:
    • Click Create App
    • Click Generate a secret.
    • Setup Xero5.png

    • Keep the page open.
    • Setup Xero4.png

    • Copy and save the Client ID and Client Secret key, else you’ll not be able to check the Secret key again.

Step – 3 Integration in to Admin Panel

  • In the Admin Panel go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Setting >> Accounting tab.
  • Setup Xero3.png

  • Here, enter the Client ID and Client Secret Key.
  • Select the Order Status for auto-synchronization mode. An invoice will be created in the Xero system only for that orders which have selected order status.
  • Next, click on Connect with Xero button.
  • Setup Xero2.png

  • From the organization dropdown, select your organization name.
  • Click on the Continue button at the button.
  • Upon successful configuration, you can sync your OPS data into Xero Account.

Click Here to Sync Manually

This helps to open search and synchronize interface with the MIS system as shown below-

  • Order Range: Select the order range to synchronize.
  • Date Range: Select the period.
  • Order Status: Select order status to search that orders only.
  • Click on the search.
  • After clicking on Search, as per your selecting field, the search result will appear here and show the order list.

Setup Xero1.png

  • Select only those Orders that you want to synchronize with Xero.
  • Click on the “Sync” button.
  • To update customer data of a particular invoice, click on the “Update Synchronized Data” checkbox and then click on the Sync button.
  • On clicking of “Sync”, the button system will synchronize orders with Xero.
  • After the customer places an order, the customer will automatically be synced with Xero.
  • If an Order is already synchronized with Xero then it is marked as a green tick symbol.