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Setup Stamped Io

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Stamped.io Integration

It’s time to build trust with user-generated content, increasing social proof, and driving conversions. Stamped.io is a third-party application, which helps you collect site reviews, product reviews, and ratings. Integrate Stamped.io on your OnPrintShop store to increase traffic and sales. With this, you can increase social proof and showcase customer experiences to compel buying actions.

Some great features of Stamped.io that you can enjoy on your OnPrintShop website –

  • Reviews Generation – Get authentic customer reviews effortlessly with our proprietary in-email review request form.
  • On-site Customer Reviews – Build trust and social proof by displaying your reviews with our optimized on-site display widgets, showcasing your UGC at crucial conversion pages.
  • Visual Reviews – Collect and showcase visually appealing photo and video reviews of happy customers using your products in real-life.
  • Social Sharing – Connect with your social savvy customers with our integrated social features and automatically share your best reviews on your social pages.
  • Retention & Increase AOV – Reward your customers with coupons to encourage reviews and turning one-time customers to repeat customers and life-long fans.
  • Social Marketing – Create retargeting ads on Instagram & Facebook and showcase positive experiences to re-engage recent visitors.
  • Reviews on Google – Rise above the competition, enable rich snippets for search results & push your product ratings in Google Ads and Shopping.
Note – Not all the features listed are free. Most of the features are paid, you can avail them by purchasing monthly plans provided by Stamped.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Stamped.io on your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Sign up/Login into Stamped.io

Visit Stamped.io website and signup (if you are not already registered), or login using your email and password.

Setup Stamped Io1.png

Step – 2 Get API Key

Once you login you’ll be able to see the Stamped.io dashboard. Click on Setting available on the Left Panel.

Then click on API Keys.

Setup Stamped Io2.png

From here copy the API Key-public, API Key Private, and Store Hash.

Step – 3 Integration in to Admin Panel

Go to, Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Reviews > Stamped.io > Edit


Note – There are two other reviewing system apart from Stamped.io, so only one review API can be enabled at a time.

Enter the API Private and Public key gathered in the previous step. Also, enter the Store Hash in the Store ID. Save the changes made.

You can also choose to send an auto-generated email to your customers after they complete their purchase and enable start rating on the product listing page.


This will enable the following –

Star rating on product listing page.

Setup Stamped Io3.png

Product Review of Product Info page.


At the front end, customers will be able to see the star rating of any products based on the reviews shared. Also, they can write a new review using the write a review button. They can also share and like/dislike the review.

Automatic Email Request Review Request

Request your customers for the product review after the order is completed. Setup the review mail as explained below.

On your Stamped.io dashboard go to, Queue >> Settings


Next, click on the Email Sequence.


This is the email template to request a product review from the user.

  • Enable the ‘Enable Review Requests’ toggle.
  • Select the Interval (days) and when the email should be sent.
  • Change subject and body if required, you can add HTML code in the body or edit the text using tools provided.
  • Save the changes made.


From the right side of the screen, you can check how your content will look in the email. You can check the desktop view and mobile view of your template. Using the Send Test button you can send a test email.



After receiving the reviews you can auto-publish them using the Auto-publish feature from the customize reviews section.


Enable the toggle, and enter the star ratings that you want to be published automatically.


Other services by Stamped.io

On the left panel, you’ll come across several other features and services provided by Stamped.io

Setup Stamped Io4.png

You can explore the services, buy them, etc. Some of the major services are –

General Email Settings

Set your from email content, subject, and other options. You can also include social icons in the footer of all the emails and set a link from here.

Setup Stamped Io5.png

  • Social Accounts – Connect your social accounts to enable Social Push.
  • Facebook Reviews Tab – Add a "Reviews" tab in your Facebook page, showcase reviews to increase social proof.
  • Social Push Settings – Share reviews to your connected Social Pages.
  • Emails exclusion – Exclude customers from receiving emails using exclusion rules.
  • Social push exclusion – Exclude products from social push using exclusion rules.
  • Profanity filter – Choose whether to censor all profanities found in reviews and questions & answers.
  • Product Groups – Share Reviews and Q&As on multiple products by creating a product group.
  • Layouts – Customize the email templates with full control over the HTML codes.
  • SPF/DKIM records – Authenticate your from address domain to improve email deliverability.


Product Rich Snippets – Featured pages that have snippets already rank in the top 10 of Google Search. There is a correlation between the high search engine results page (SERP) position and having rich snippet results. If you need any assistance with setup, contact the Stamped.io technical team.


You can customize reviews, set email sequence, put custom fonts, and add photos and videos, and more. Similarly, you can customize checkout reviews, questions, and answers, thank you page, and more.

Coupon Incentives

You can give coupon incentives to your customers. it encourages your customers to write and share their reviews. Also giving them the reason to return to your store to redeem the coupon on their next purchase. Know more.