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Setup Sendinblue

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Sendinblue Integration

Sendinblue is a Marketing Automation platform that will allow your print website to take a flight with a complete sales and marketing toolbox. You can reach out to your customers via Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Live chat with Sendinblue. You can also use various Marketing Automation Tools, Segmentation tools, Set up email messages, and keep all your customer's details in one place. Using Facebook ads, Signup forms, Retargeting, and Landing pages you can convert your visitors into customers. Integrating Sendingblue on your OnPrintShop website is quite simple and easy.

Follow the schematic guide given below to integrate Sendingblue on your OnPrintShop website.

Step 1 – Login into Sendinblue

Go to the Sendinblue website and login into your account or create a new account.

Setup Sendinblue1.png

Step 2 – Get the API Details

To get the API Key, go to Profile >> SMTP & API

Setup Sendinblue2.png

Copy and save the API Key to configure into the Admin Panel.

Setup Sendinblue3.png

Step 3 – Configuration into Admin Panel

On your Admin Panel go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Accounting Tab >> Sendinblue

Setup Sendinblue4.png

Enable the toggle and click on the the Edit button.

Here enter the API key and enable Auto Synchronize (optional). Save the changes made.

Setup Sendinblue5.png

Step 4 – Create Attributes for Synchronization

Next, is to create fields to map the customer data. To create a ‘contact’ attributes go to, https://my.sendinblue.com/lists/add-attributes.

You can also go to Settings > Contact Attributes & CRM (click on configure)

Here, under the Normal Attributes tab click on + Add New Attribute to create a new attribute with its attribute type.

Setup Sendinblue6.png

In the Attribute Setting form, enter the Attribute Name and select the attribute type.

Setup Sendinblue7.png

The next step is to do the Sendinblue Field Mapping (created in this step) in the Admin Panel.

Step 5 – Sendinblue Field Mapping in Admin Panel

After you enable the Sendinblue service our technical team will share with you a link where you can perform this Mapping.

The Mapping fields on the below screen will auto-populate whenever a ‘Contact attribute’ is created in Sendinblue.

Sendinblue field mappings are used to bind customer fields with Sendinblue customer fields. If you cannot set or change any field mappings then it takes default field mappings. You can select the respective dropdown field that you want to bind with the given left-sided Sendinblue Attributes field.

Setup Sendinblue8.png

Step 6 – Sendinblue Sync Summary

You can anytime check the sync summary of Sendinblue and check the log.

Setup Sendinblue9.png

Sync Manually

You can anytime sync the customer data into Sendinblue. To start the synchronization select the customer type i.e. Website Customer or Subscriber. Next, select the date range and start your search.

You can select the customers and click on the Sync button to complete the synchronize button.

Setup Sendinblue10.png

These sync data will appear under Contacts section of the Sendinblue dashboard.

Setup Sendinblue11.png

Sendinblue Log

This log shows all the synced customers with the details such as the Sync Action, Date, and Status i.e. Success or Pending.

Setup Sendinblue12.png