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Setup Pixabay

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Pixabay Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB > Pixabay

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives and photographers which shares copyright free images and videos. Your customers can use the free images available on Pixabay in their designer studios. By integrating Pixabay with your OnPrintShop web store, you can give your customers access to over 1.6 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos - free.

To integrate Pixabay on your website simply follow these steps:

Step – 1 Sign Up or Login to your Pixabay account

  • Create an account with Pixabay using https://pixabay.com/en/accounts/register/
  • Else, login into Pixabay with your current account.
  • PixabayIntegrationUpdate3.png

  • Under the Settings tab fills in your basic profile details such as Profile Data, Online Profile Links, E-mail Address and other basic details.


Step – 2 Get the API Key

To integrate Pixabay into your website’s designer studio you will need an API key. Follow the steps to get the KEY.

  • Click on 'Browse', then go to About >> FAQ
  • PixabayIntegrationUpdate5.png

  • Under the FAQ, click on the “Does Pixabay offer an API?” question.
  • PixabayIntegrationUpdate6.png

  • Follow the link of the 'API documentation'.
  • The above link will take you to the Pixabay Developers API page.
  • Click on Get Started button to view the API documentation.


  • In the Pixabay API documentation page, scroll down to find the API key.
  • Copy the API key to integrate into the Admin Panel.


Step – 3 Configuration into Admin Panel

On the Admin Panel go to Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Select Social Sharing TAB > Enable Pixabay

  • Under the Action dropdown of Pixabay click on Edit.
  • Paste the API key copied from the Pixabay API documentation page.
  • Select the 'Image Search' type as - Normal. For 'High Resolution' images, follow the steps given at the end of this document.


Step – 4 Designer Studio View

When your customer chooses to create their own design, they are redirected to the Designer Studio.

  • They can find Pixabay images at – Images Tab of Designer Studio > Upload Your Image > Pixabay
  • Pixabay7.png

Request for High Resolution Images

The above steps described a way to integrate Pixabay for retriving normal resolution images. To retrieve high resolution images you'll have to raise a request for full API access.

To get Full API Access for retrieving high resolution images follow the below steps

  • Go to, https://pixabay.com/api/docs/
  • Scroll at the botton of this page, there under support you'll find a link to request for full API access.
  • PixabayUpdate1.png

  • Or follow this link - https://pixabay.com/api/docs/?request_full_access
  • In the pop, fill add description of how you'll use the high resolution images.
  • PixabayUpdate2.png

  • You can use the sample content -
  • OnPrintShop is a printing solution provider that provides several custom printing to their customers. It includes some of the major printing products such as business cards, posters, banners etc.

    From Pixabay our customers can search from a wide range of high-resolution photos using the search bar provided in the Designer Studio using Pixabay API. As per their design needs customer can then select their desired image from Pixabay and then complete their product design. The design created will be used for printing as per the orders received.

    Note - It is strictly advisable to modify the content as per your business model.
  • Next, agree to all the three terms stated by Pixabay
    • Pixabay will be properly credited when search results are displayed.
    • API responses will be cached to avoid identical requests within 24 hours.
    • The API will be used to let people search images - and not for automated requests.
  • Click on "Confirm"

Now, Pixabay's support team will review your request and reply within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you have any query or concern, please contact our support team or write us at support@onprintshop.com