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Setup Mailgun Automated Emails

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Automated Email Reminders from Mailgun

Once you enable Mailgun the Automated Email Reminder email will be activated. There are several emails listed as below –

  • No account activity reminder.
  • Products in shopping cart reminders.
  • Stock reminder to Admin.
  • Order feedback reminder to Admin.
  • Reward points reminder to the customer.

To find these emails go to Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notifications >> Automatic Email Reminder

Here, enable the emails to send as automatic reminders to your customers.

Setup Mailgun Automated Emails4.png

Editing an email content –

Click on the pencil-like icon Setup Mailgun Automated Emails3.png to edit the email template contents. Change the email subject and email content.

Use the variables given to insert dynamic data on the right side of the screen to include data as desired in the email message.

Reminder Setting –

Setup Mailgun Automated Emails2.png

Click on the Settings icon Setup Mailgun Automated Emails1.png to edit the email schedule settings. There are several settings offered for the email templates. For each email template, you can have a different schedule.

  • Email Interval – set the duration after which the email should be sent.
  • Repeat Notification – set the duration after which the email reminder should be sent again.
  • Select Product – select the products for which the reminder should be sent.
  • User Type – The email reminder will be sent only to the selected user type.