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Setup Mail Chimp

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Mailchimp Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mail Services TAB > Mailchimp

Manage and talk to your OnPrintShop web store users with all in one marketing platform Mailchimp. Manage a master-list of your customers and run e-mail campaigns. Select a campaign type, add recipients, choose a template design, and add your own content. Create awesome campaigns and attract more customers to your OnPrintShop web store.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Mailchimp with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Registration with Mailchimp

Get started to Mailchimp with a free account at https://login.mailchimp.com/signup/

If you already have an account then login to Mailchimp with your Username and Password.

  • Activate your Mailchimp account by verifying your Mail ID.
  • Complete further login steps by filling in basic business details.


Step – 2 Dashboard

Upon login, you will see the Mailchimp account's dashboard page. Here you can create a list by importing all your existing customers' email ids, send campaign emails to your customers in bulk, create a signup form to allow users to subscribe to your email campaigns, etc. You can also go through the other options available in the top menu like Campaigns, Templates, Reports, Audiences, and Content Studio, etc.


Step – 3 Generating an API Key

To get an API key for the integration, click on the dropdown menu on your account name and go to account.


  • Under ‘Extras’ Tab go to API Keys.

Mailchimp 6.png

This will list down your API keys.

Note: API keys provide full access to your Mailchimp account, so keep them safe.
  • Click on 'Create A Key' button.
  • Copy and save the API key.

Step – 4 Generating Audience Unique ID

On your dashboard, under Audiences tab go to Manage Audiences > Settings.

At the end of following page, you will find your Audience Unique ID as shown below.

Copy and save this unique ID for audience.


Step – 5 Configuration into Admin Panel

On the Admin panel, go to- Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Select Mail Services TAB > Mailchimp > ‘Action Menu’ > Edit

Paste the API and Audiences Unique ID save before.


After this, you can manage your mailing list, campaigns and update subscriber from the Admin Panel.

Step – 6 Additional Option

If you are willing to change your Mailchimp paid plan then on your dashboard, go to- Your account > Accounts > Billing tab > Monthly Plans or Credit


Now, select a plan. You can select either Forever Free, Monthly, or Pay As You Go.

  • Select any one.
  • Make the payment accordingly.