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Setup India SMS

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India SMS Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB > IndiaSMS

Promote your business with SMS messages integration directly delivered to your customer’s mobile phone. With a large customer list, stay in touch with the customers via custom text messages. Integrate this third-party API into your OnPrintShop web store and stay connected with your customers. Read below a systematic guide to integrate India SMS with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with India SMS


Step – 2 Login to India SMS

After completing the verification, India SMS will send you an email.

  • This email will contain the login link, your username, and password.
  • Follow the login link and enter the given username and password to login successfully


Step – 3 India SMS Dashboard

After logging in you will be able to check your dashboard. Herein you can check for available SMS credit and the number of current sent SMSs. Also, you will get the option to recharge your account, check the date-wise summary and last login IP.


Step – 4 Recharge

Recharge your account with any pack according to your future usage to create a Sender ID (explained in the next step).


Step – 5 Create Sender ID

To create a Sender ID go to,

India SMS Dashboard >> Settings (Left Sidebar) >> Manage SenderId

  • Enter the desired Sender Name in the block and submit.


After you create a Sender ID, India SMS will check your profile and approve the ID created

  • To view the approved ID go to India SMS Dashboard >> Settings (Left Sidebar) >> Manage SenderId


Step – 6 Configuration into Admin Panel

To configure India SMS into your Admin Panel go to

Admin panel > Store configurations > External Service Settings > SMS Notifications TAB > India SMS > ‘Action’ Menu> ‘Edit’ Option

Under the Settings section fill in the necessary details such as Username, Password, Sender ID, select Country, Set Mode as ‘Live’, enter the email address and click on Save.