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Setup Flickr

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Flickr Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB > Flickr

Provide your customers access their Yahoo photos from Flickr with simple API integration into your OnPrintShop store. Your customers can use their Flickr photos into the designer studio. Let your customers enjoy the benefits of a total photo-centric platform built for professionals.

Integrate Pixabay into your Designer Studio with simple steps as shown below-

Step – 1 Login into Flickr

  • Visit https://www.flickr.com/ and login into Flickr with your Yahoo ID.
  • Or Sign Up to Flickr with a Yahoo ID.
  • FlickrUpdate1.png

  • After login add necessary details about your account in Account Setting and Save.


Step – 2 Create an App

To integrate API you need to create an App in Flickr and avail the API key and Secret key.

  • Search for App Garden in the search bar.
  • Select The App Garden option.
  • FlickrUpdate2.png

  • Click on Create an App link to create your first app.
  • FlickrUpdate3.png

  • On the next screen click on the Request an API Key button.
  • FlickrUpdate4.png

  • The Flickr Services screen will ask you whether your app is commercial or non-commercial, i.e. it is profitable or non-profitable. Submit the form by clicking on ‘Apply for a Commercial Key’ as your agency works to make profits.
  • Flickr6.png

  • Further, in the form add details about your website enter basic details. Depending upon your previous choice i.e. whether you applied for Commercial Key or Non-Commercial Key the details asked will be asked.
  • Fill in the details carefully and click on the Submit button to generate an API key.
  • Flickr8.png

    Step – 3 Generate the API key

    After the Submit button, the App Garden will generate your App’s API key and Secret key as shown below-

    • Copy and Save the API key and Secret key.


    Step – 4 Configure API Key into Admin Panel

    To add the API key and Secret ID in Admin panel follow the below path- Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB > Flickr > ‘Action’ Dropdown > Edit

    • Under the Settings section add the API Key and API Secret ID.
    • Click on Save & Back.


    Step – 5 Designer Studio

    When your customers land on Designer studio and choose to upload an image from Image Gallery they will see a Flickr button.

    • This means they can upload images in the designer studio from their Flickr account.
    • All they have to do is Connect to the Flickr account.


    • Once the customer clicks on Connect they will be redirected to login into their Yahoo account.
    • After login, your customer will have to authorize access to your Flickr account.
    • After Authorization, the Flickr images are ready to use.