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Setup Facebook User Photos

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Facebook User Photos Integration

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools. Thus, it is highly recommended by OnPrintShop to their clients to integrate Facebook User Photos into their designer studios. This will help your end-customer select any image from their Facebook account.

Follow the systematic guide to integrating Facebook user-photos into your web store-

Step – 1 Create a Facebook App

Here, either you can create a new app or use the same app created while the integration of Facebook Login.

From the link follow from Step – 1 to Step – 6 for App creation and other basic settings such as API Key and Secret Key.

Step – 2 Enter the link for Designer Studio

For example - https://opssslv70.onprintshop.com/studio/Services/images.php

  • Click on ‘Save Changes’ button.


Step – 3 Request For User Photos

  • On the sidebar select App Review > Permissions & Features.
  • This will list down the apps permission to request.
  • Scroll down to search for user_photos.
  • Click on Request.
  • Click on continue.


Now, in order to get access to user photos, your web store has to fulfill all the Facebook guidelines and criteria.


Requesting for App Review is a 6 – step procedure and may take for about 11-12 days or more.

During the verification process, Facebook will verify how your web store will use the user photos, i.e. what is the actual purpose of integration Facebook User Photos.


In the app review process you will have to do the following-

  • Accept permission or feature usage guidelines.
  • FacebookImages5.png

  • Provide use case scenarios.
  • FacebookImages6.png

  • Add instructions on how to access your app.
  • Upload screencast.
  • FacebookImages7.png

    How to create a Screencast?

    To create a screencast use your test account.

    • Login into Facebook with the account, which you used to create an app.
    • Record a video or screencast which shows the following-
      • Log in into your web store with your Facebook test account.
      • Navigate to any product on your store.
      • Click on ‘Custom Design’. This will lead you to the designer studio.
      • On the designer studio, click on Images.
      • In the Images pop-up. Click on the Facebook button, and then connect with your Facebook account.
      • FacebookImagesUpdate4.png

      • This will connect with your test account.
      • After successful connection, all the Images from your test account will appear.
      • Use any image to complete a design.


    • Complete the video screencast and save.

    Upload this screencast in the app review process, and wait for the Facebook officials to verify the in-app review and other details.

    After the successful verification process, your customers will be able to use their Facebook photos in the designer studio.