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Setup Dropbox

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Setup Dropbox Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Cloud Storage TAB > Dropbox Storage Powerful Dropbox features with powerful network effects yield business and IT benefits. Dropbox for businesses reduces infrastructure cost and management, therefore giving better control over your company data. It is highly recommended for businesses to integrate the best storage solution.

Note - The Dropbox feature works only for the SSL verified websites. If your website does not holds a SSL Certificate, then it is recommended to get the SSL certification.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Dropbox in your website -

Step – 1 Sign in or create a new Dropbox account from Admin Panel

Go to Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Setting > Cloud Storage Tab > Dropbox Storage > Action Dropdown > 'EDIT'


  • Login into your Dropbox account using the link https://www.dropbox.com/.
  • Sign up with Google or create a new Dropbox account.


Step – 2 Create Dropbox Platform App

  • Now go to, https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create to create a new application.


  • Choose the type of API i.e. for apps that you need access to.
  • Choose the type of access you need i.e. App Folder.
  • Name your App and click on the Create App button.
  • This will create a DROPBOX API with access to the App Folder.

Step – 3 Get App Key and Secret ID

  • After you create an app, the next screen will generate a App Key and an App Secret Key.
  • To generate the access token click on Generate Access Token button.
Note: This access token can be used to access your account (default store.onprintshop@gmail.com) via the API. Do not share your access token with anyone.


Set Permissions

Check the below image and set permissions.


Step – 4 Configuration in Admin Panel

Enter the App Key, App Secret Code and Access token in the Admin Panel in the following path. Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Cloud Storage Tab >> Dropbox Storage > Action Menu > 'Edit'

Also, give the directory name where the user’s file will be uploaded and save the changes.


Step – 5 Enable Cloud File Upload

To enable customers to upload files directly into your Dropbox Cloud storage you will have to Allow Cloud File Upload for a product from Product section.

Enable this from- Admin > Products > Product > ‘Action’ dropdown of a particular product > Settings > ‘Upload’ Tab > Allow Cloud File Upload > Select ‘Both’ option


After enabling this option your customers will see an option to upload large files on the Storefront.


Step – 6 Manage Files

Go to, https://www.dropbox.com/home. Under this link, the admin will be able to view all the files uploaded by their customers.

The link will lead you to your Dropbox account. Click on App and select the app created by you. In this case, we have our app name as OnPrintShopTest.


Click on your app folder. From the Orders folder, you can click and download the Artwork files uploaded by the customers. For every order as you can see a folder is already created as the same name as Order ID.


Note - Advise your customer to not upload files larger than 150 MB in dropbox.