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Quote Module71

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Quote Module Enhancement

Provision to upload file from cloud for Quote

Now while requesting a file either through Form Fields (Quote, Hire Designer and Template) or from any Additional Option, Admin need not worry if the files uploaded by Customers are larger in Size.

  • With our cloud integration for Form Fields (Quote, Hire Designer and Template) and Additional Option customers will get a facility to upload large files directly to the cloud storage integrated by the Admin.
  • Earlier uploading from cloud was only available while ordering products now it is also made available while for Form Fields and Additional Options too.
  • This will save a lot of Admin’s server space and let them store larger and not frequently used files on Cloud Storage.


The file uploaded from these Fields will directly get saved in the Cloud Storage integrated by the Admin.


Admin can download the file uploaded on Cloud from – Order >> ‘Action’ Menu >> ‘Download File’ Option

The cloud files will redirect the Admin to its cloud storage


Partial Quote Approval

At present we do not Allow Ordering Partial Products from Approved Quotes. After the approval of the quote, a customer was intended only to place an order for all products from the quote.

  • With new enhancements the system will allow the customer to Order Specific Products from the quote instead of ordering all the products.
  • In addition, a customer will be allowed to update the Artwork at the time of ordering the product, i.e. the artwork while requesting for quote can be different from the one while placing the order.
  • If in Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> ‘Store Configuration’ Tab >> ‘Order Quote Request’ is set to ‘Multiple Product’


  • With the above setting, Admin will get a toggle button in ‘Update Quote’ – Allow Partial Quote


  • Once Admin enables the toggle, a message will be displayed at the Front Store intimating customer about the ‘Partial Order’


Thus, customers will be allowed to select specific quote items using a checkbox and place from the list.