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Quick Order

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Price Calculator Block in CMS for Quick Order

It is already known that Admin can add various blocks in the content of Dynamic Pages. In our v7.2 release, we introduced a feature called Quick Order.

To implement this Admin will have to add Custom Price Calculator block in the CMS Pages. This will help their customers analyze the prices of all the website products on a single page and place the order without navigating through the whole website to find their desired product.

Custom Price Calculator Block

The price calculator block looks something like shown in the below image. The ‘Get Started’ button will request the customer to upload, browse or create a product design as defined in the Product Section.


Following the type of block added, the system will provide a product dropdown and display all the mentioned products in the block as defined in the CMS.

Configure Price Calculator Block

Below is the reference that how an Admin can include the Price Calculator Block for different products as per their business needs

  • All Products: 
    • {% block_product_calculator|all %}
    • Mention ‘all’ keyword after product_calculator block.
  • Products of a Specific Category:
    • {% block_product_calculator|cat_1_2_3 %}
    • The ‘cat’ keyword is referred with category ids for which products categories you want to make the listing.  
  • Specific Products :
    • {% block_product_calculator|prd_1_98_100_106_108 %}
    • Need to mention ‘prd’ keyword followed by specific products’ ids.

Admin can also disable the ‘Estimated Shipping Cost’ and ‘Send Estimated Cost’ section (if these blocks are enabled for the main site) from the Custom Price Calculator. 

Note - The ‘Estimated Shipping Cost’ and ‘Send Estimated Cost’ section will be displayed based on the Configuration Setting of the website.

If the sections are enabled and Admin wishes to disable them for the Custom Price Calculator for CMS page then, it can be achieved by adding _es0 (Estimated Shipment) and _ec0 (Estimated Cost) after the product_calculator block.

Below is the reference to disable Shipping as well Estimated Cost section :

  • Disable Estimate Shipping Price Section :
    • {% block_product_calculator|all_es0 %}
  • Disable Estimated Cost & Send Mail Section :
    • {% block_product_calculator|all_ec0 %}

Admin can add Product Description as well as Product Image in the Custom Product Price Calculator. To include these details Admin can include below block in the CMS.

  • {% block_product_description %}

For Canvas Product, Predefined, Book, Mailing List, Mailing only and Products without Price, an action is linked which will redirect the customer to Product Info Screen.

Also, for the rest of all the products, the system will display Action Button the same as displayed on the product info screen.

Sample Page Content for the Price Calculator Block –


Note – You might need to edit the source code to set the various blocks. For any assistance, you can contact the technical team.

Front View –


Where will I find the product ID and Category ID?

You can find the product ID from the Address Bar as shown in the below image –


Same way you can check the Category ID from the Address Bar as shown below –