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Pushpad Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Others TAB > Pushpad

Pushpad offers a web push notification service; it is the easiest way to add push notifications to websites and web apps. Push notifications are delivered to you even when you are not on the website. Pushpad supports all major browsers and uses W3C Push API for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and the Apple Push Notification service for Safari.

By using Pushpad you can receive notification from the browser even when you are not on the OnPrintShop page in the browser. You can receive important notifications from the browser in the system tray even when the browser is minimized which will help you not miss any important notifications, improve the production efficiency, and get the order in time to the end-users.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Pushpad with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Log in/Register with Pushpad

  • Visit https://pushpad.xyz/ either login or register for a new account.
  • PushpadUpdat1.png

  • Complete the verification process and login into your Pushpad account.

Step – 2 Create New Project

After login, you will land on your dashboard. To get started you will have to create a new project, new sender, collect your subscription list, and send awesome notifications.

  • Click on New Project to get started.
  • Pushpad2.png

Step – 3 Create New Sender

Before creating a project you need to create a sender; the website that collects subscriptions and sends push notifications.

  • Click on New sender link.
  • Pushpad3.png

  • The sender is the owner of subscriptions.
  • Give the name of your project.
  • Enter your domain name.
  • Create Sender.
  • Pushpad4.png

Step – 4 Create New Project


Step – 5 Get Project ID

To get Project ID, go to the project dashboard.

  • Click on Settings
  • Pushpad6.png

  • In Settings, you will get the Project ID.
  • Copy and Save the Project ID.
  • Change other Settings, if you wish to such as Notifications TTL.
  • Click on Update Project.


Step – 6 Get Access Token

To integrate the Pushpad notifications on your website go to

  • Your account.
  • Click on Access tokens.
  • Pushpad8.png

  • On the Access Token page click on Add Access Token.
  • Pushpad9.png

  • To generate the Access Token enter a token description.
  • Also, restrict access of the token to some projects.
  • Click on Click Access Token.
  • Pushpad10.png

  • Copy and Save the Access token generated.
  • PushpadIntegration11.png

Step – 7 Configuration into Admin Panel

To integrate the Pushpad services into your website, enter the Access Token and Project ID to get started.

  • On your Admin Panel go to, Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Others Tab >> Pushpad >> ‘Action’ Dropdown >> ‘Edit’ Option
  • Under the Settings section, paste the Access token and Project ID.
  • Choose which notification should be displayed from the given list of notifications.
  • Define the message title and content to be displayed when such an event occurs in the system.
  • Once you have configured all the messages and the settings click on the save button to save the details.
  • Click on Save & Continue.
  • PushpadIntegration12.png