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Promotional Product Prices

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Pricing Method – Promotional Product

Promotional products uploaded on OnPrintShop have many design benefits as compared to traditional products, such as a personalized area with respect to the product area, real-time wrap around the preview of the design and smother comprehensible design process.

Also, Promotional Product has a different pricing method and steps. Follow the guide below to set up a Promotional Product with Multiple Quantity Input such as a T-Shirt Product.

Step – 1 Set the Price Defining Method

  • Go to,
  • Admin >> Products >> T-Shirt Product >> ‘Edit’ Tab

  • Under Product Details select the Price Defining Method as – Range Based with Multiplication.


Step – 2 Edit Designer Option

  • This is the section where you can define the design variants of the T-Shirt product.
  • Examples of such options can be – Round Neck, Collar Neck, Full Sleeve T-Shirt, Half Sleeve T-shirt, etc.


  • If you do not have any of the options for your product then simply define an option named ‘Standard’ with the Bleed Size.


  • Also, set up the Product Pages i.e. Front and Back as per your product offerings.

Step – 3 Set Base Price of Designer Options

  • As there will be multiple quantity input for the t-shirt product, set the base price of each additional option as Zero. 
  • Define a brand range for the designer options and set the price as zero.


Step – 4 Set Product Settings

  • In a general scenario, a customer can order t-shirts in different sizes, for example, they can order 100 Small size t-shirts, 70 Medium size t-shirts, 120 Extra Large t-shirts and more.
  • Thus to allow the customer to input multiple quantities, go to Admin >> Products >> T-Shirt Product >> ‘Settings’ Tab
  • Under General Settings, set the ‘Multiple Quantity Input’ as – Yes


Step – 5 Create Additional Options

  • Now, create Additional Options of all the Sizes that you are offering for this product. For example, if you offer 4 different sizes such as – Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, then create Additional Options for the same.
  • For each Additional Option choose the Input Type as - Textbox - Price with Multiplication.


  • Setup the attributes of the Additional Options.


  • Here, you can define the highest range of product quantity that a customer can order.
  • Repeat the above steps for all Size Additional Options.


Step – 6 Set Attribute Price

  • Now, define the Attribute Prices of each additional option.
  • Action Menu of each Attribute >> Attribute Price option


  • Here price of each attribute is been added in the Price Column.
  • This means that for a quantity falling in the range of 1-100 will have its unit price at $10.
  • Similarly, for a quantity falling in the range of 101-200 will have its unit price at $9, and so on.


Front End View – 

Here, you can see that the t-shirt product has 4 different quantity of input. The system finds the prices falling in every range and gives a combined price in the Total.