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Product Section Enhancements

Canvas Product – Split photo & Multiple Photo Canvas Prints (Add on)

In the previous release, OnPrintShop standard solution introduced a new product type – Canvas. In the release i.e. v7.3 we are extending the canvas product feature to Multiple and Split Canvas.

Admin can now configure 3 different types of canvases to offer to their customer.

  • Regular canvas
  • Multiple Canvas
  • Split Canvas

Have this feature configured and avail your customers to preserve their photo memories and decor their space with this different type of canvas prints.

Multiple Canvas – A wall canvas which is a set of multiple canvases with different photos is a ‘Multiple Photo Canvas’.


Split Canvas – A wall canvas that has multiple canvases but only a single photo is spread(laid) over all the multiple canvases is termed as ‘Split Photo Canvas’.


  • Following the development, we have added a new Product Sub-Type dropdown with options – Single Canvas, Multiple Canvas, and Split Canvas.
  • V7324.png

  • The pricing method for the product (Multiple and Split canvases) will be ‘Size based Price (Dynamic Size)’, and you don’t get to edit the Price defining method.
  • The Canvas Event binding remains the same as the normal canvas product.


To set the designer studio canvas for this product, Admin will have to configure the following:

  • Wall Size Configuration
  • Create Canvas Page Layout

Wall Size Configuration

  • For Multiple and Split canvases, Admin needs to configure the Wall Size. The total size in which all the sub-canvases of either the Multiple Canvas or the Split Canvas is called the ‘Wall Size’.
  • Like in the below examples the wall sizes are – 36 inches X 42 inches and 24 inches X 50 inches.
  • V7325.png


  • We have added a new tab – Wall configuration, where Admin can define the wall size (height and width) and then enter the details of the art pieces/layouts (Sub-Canvases).
  • V7327.png


Canvas Page Layouts

  • In the new Multiple and Split canvas product, Admin will have to create layouts for the product. To create layout, go to – Admin >> Templates >> Product Templates >> Page Layouts >> +Add


Designer Studio

  • Below is the layout created for the Split Photo Canvas product with the Wall Size of 600 X 1000 MM. Here, according to the product layout, Admin can configure and systematically place the art pieces.


Front Store

  • When the customer lands on the Multiple or Split Canvas product they will be requested to choose a layout from the once created in the Page Layouts section.


  • Customers can upload their image files from My Computer or via Third Party Applications, set the image in the art pieces, edit them and apply the Additional Options on them.
  • Any event selected such as Border Thickness, Edge design, etc., will be applied to all the art pieces. However, customers can anytime choose to change their canvas layout using the ‘Select Layout’ button.

Looking to integrate this product? Just follow the configuration steps given here.

Photo Print Product Enhancement (Add-On)

Photo prints are one of the key products in the print industry. In this version, we have completely rebuild the existing Photoprint Product ordering flow.

Allow your customers to print their photos in multiple sizes and help them treasure their memories, and frame their favorite moments with family and friends.

Through this product, allow your customers to build their photos in the ‘Photo Print Builder’ screen, apply additional options, order the same photo with multiple sizes in multiple quantities. They can add borders, orientation, crop, and apply many more effects.

However, the configuration process of the product remains the same as earlier. Although, we’ve added the Browse Design Description field in the product configuration screen.

Additional Option Group

  • For the Photoprint Product, Admin will need to add Options Group named photoprint with Export Order Data Only and Option Style as Default.
  • And, all the additional options related to Photo print should be added into this Option Group.
  • With the help of this Additional Option Group, the system will create a group of line items based on the unique combination of size and options.
  • This will be helpful in the Order management of the Photoprint Product.

Print Builder Screen

  • We are introducing a Print builder screen, where customers can upload their images from the ‘Upload Photos’ button.
  • For all the images uploaded, customers, can apply different additional options, order different quantities, edit the uploaded pictures, use quick actions to apply any setting to multiple images, and more.


  • Clicking on the pencil-like icon will open an edit box, that we have created for the Photo print product.
  • Your customers will be able to use various editing tools and enhance their image quality. There are edit functions on the image such as Straighten (up to 20-degree angle), adjust the picture, change orientation, rotate, apply a border, and flip the image.


Cart Page

The cart page is designed the same as the Kit Product.

All the photo print products will be shown under the View Products. The cart shows a summary of all the products with the Additional Options and Size combination asset on the Print Builder Screen.


Looking to integrate this product? Just follow the configuration steps given here.