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Product Module71

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Product Section Enhancement

Price Calculator UI enhancement and Export Order enhancement

We have enhanced the Price Calculator’s look and feel and arranged the secondary additional options such as lamination, corner and other fields into primary groups.

These primary groups will only be displayed in the Price Calculator with a toggle which will be expandable and managed by admin.  Purpose of these groups is to enhance the UI of Price Calculator and reduce the hassle of many additional options.


  • These Additional Options groups can be created from the ‘Add Options Group’, wherein the Admin can decide where to use the group for Presentation Only, Export Order Data Only or Both. They can also choose the display style of the group using the Expand/Collapse function.


  • Admin will be able to easily map with these Additional Options Groups and pass it to Hot folder or Third Party API. This feature will be mainly required during third party integration.

Provision to select measurement unit for Custom Size Product on Front Store

In the current system, the default measurement unit for Custom Size products was set only by the Admin. Now we have provided a provision where the Customers can select their desired measurement unit thus reducing the efforts make the conversion before placing the order.

  • To support this feature, we have provided an option, Product Setting >> ‘Custom Size’ tab >> ‘Unit Selection at Front’ toggle.
  • Using this toggle Admin can decide to show or hide the measurement units from the front store.
  • Along with the toggle, we have introduced a dropdown where the Admin can select the convenient units to be displayed at the front store.


  • Following the setting, at the Front end, the customers will get a dropdown to select the desired Size Unit and then enter the size.


  • At the front end, if any customer changes the unit from the dropdown, the width and height values are recalculated as per standard unit conversion and displayed to the Admin in Order Product Details Section.


Stock Management of Products with Multiple Size

Efficient stock management is the key to e-commerce. Our current system only allowed stock management for a single size product order.

Now, we have extended our stock management system to Multiple Size Order Products and Pre-defined products such as T-Shirts and Mug, henceforth Admin can manage stock for each size of the product.

  • For this feature, a new setting is added in the Product Settings>> Multiple Quantity Input. When Admin sets it to Yes, then the system allows them to manage stock for Multiple Sizes.
  • Enter different product size options using ‘Textbox - Price with/without Multiplication’ and set stock management to ‘Size with Product Option’.
  • Under Stock Tab Admin will get the option to combine the ‘Textbox- Price with/without Multiplication’ with other Additional options, wherein they can manage stock. Earlier there was no provision to add ‘Textbox- Price with/without Multiplication’ blocks in stock management.


Note: For this feature to work, ‘Multiple Product Input’ setting in Product setting for the particular product must set as ‘Yes’.

Product SKU, Product Weight and Production Days – Enhancement

Looking into the user convinces we have bought the Product Weight, Production Days and Product Size/Options SKU under one section with different tabs.

  • An option named Product Weight/Days/SKU is added in the left panel under Products.


  • We have also done some minor enhancements in the UI of Product Size/Options SKU, wherein all products with options are listed in the Admin Panel itself. Here Admin can fill in the SKU number directly from the Admin Panel which reduces the effort of downloading an excel file.

Minor Enhancements

Estimated Cost Email Enhancements in Price Calculator

When a customer requests an email of ‘Estimated Cost’ for a particular product, then an email was sent with all the required details. Now a quick link – ‘Product Estimation Link’ is added in the email body.

  • The email link will help in direct navigation on the ‘Product Information Page’. Here all the details filled while requesting an email will be directly retained, thus making it easy to place an order without selecting the details.

Provision of comparison parameter – ‘Between’ in ‘Options Rule’ of Product

In Option Rule of Product, we have added one more comparison field - ‘Between’, in ‘Specific Quantity’. This will help Admin to add Rules more conveniently without missing any range or comparison parameter.

  • Till now all the quantity mentioned in the Size sections were only displayed (for standard products). Now we have made it rule creation more open where Admin can define any quantity range and create rules without missing out any quantity.
  • To bind an option rule for quantity range we have introduced a new option in the Specific Quantity dropdown named Between, where Admin can define a quantity range.


Quantity restriction enhancement for Custom Size Products

Till now, for all the products following the ‘Size based Price (Dynamic Size)’ methodology, Admin could restrict the end customers just from entering the Size within the defined area/range set. Moving forward admin will also be able to restrict the customer on entered quantity.

  • For this feature, we have added a new setting ‘Size based Price (Dynamic Size)’ products. It is in Product Setting >> ‘General’ Tab >> ‘Restrict User to order within defined area and quantity’.
  • This setting is available in General Setting of all the Dynamic Size products.
  • This will restrict the Custom Sizes with their specified quantities.
  • Once, Admin enables this toggle, the customer will not be able to enter the Quantity outside the specified range of ‘Quantity Based Price’


  • According to the above image, if a customer enters quantity more than 20 for area size falling between 1 to 50 then an error message will be displayed asking to enter a specific quantity.