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OnPrintShop version91

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Version 9.1 Release Notes

We are determined towards our clients and our print software is coming with the latest updates and features. The latest update includes major and minor bug fixes and further improvements in both the user interface and experience.

Following is the summary for the scope of v9.1

Admin Section Features

  • Admin Search Functionality New
  • Template Creation for Package Product New
  • New Product Page Layout Blocks New
  • Separate Availability of Payment/Shipping Method for Private/Public Store
  • Manage FAQs for Product Specific and Category Specific
  • Block IP Address Enhancement
  • Web Optimization Enhancements

Product Section Features

  • Add associated products to Cart New
  • Product Section Enhancement
  • Product-specific Shipping Method
  • Product Master Option Enhancement
  • Easily assign products to your stores
  • Default Order Product Status for Pre-Defined Products

Store/B2B Section Features

  • Store-specific preview URL
  • Maintained parent-child hierarchy
  • Quantity Based Master Markup

Partnership Management Features

  • Franchisee-wise workflow Admin New

Orders Section Features

  • Product-specific Sales Agent Commission New
  • Due-Date Re-calculate based on payment request
  • Order detail page enhancement

Front-Store Features

  • Shopping Cart Enhancements
  • Package Product Enhancement

Designer Studio Features

  • Enhanced Artwork auto-resize feature on upload center New
  • Master image management in the admin panel New
  • Crop Image Functionality Enhancement New
  • Template Tab Enhancement in designer tool New
  • Layer Panel Enhancement New
  • Mask Panel Enhancement
  • Remove Unsupported Characters New

Shipping Section Features

  • Assign Shipping Method Based on The user-group New
  • Shipment Tracking Enhancement

Quote Section Features

  • “Skip to Upload Print-Ready File” option for Quote-to-Order New
  • Estimated Price Display in Quote

Solution Core Changes

  • Website Performance Optimization New
  • Upgraded to PHPv8.1
  • Removed PHP sort tag
  • Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript