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Mandrill Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mail Services TAB > Mandrill

Mandrill is a paid add-on of Mailchimp. It is a transitional email product for people using MailChimp. Mandrill helps applications send transitional emails like password resets, order confirmation, and welcome emails. This means that through Mandrill you can send any legal and non-spam emails. Mandrill has advanced tracking features with easy-to-understand reports and email templates.

With Mandrill, you can either send email through the Mandrill API or SMTP integration. If you are already sending transitional emails through SMTP then all you need to do is change the SMTP credentials to Mandrill has and begin immediately.

Mandrill is a paid service, and its billing model is based on a monthly billing cycle.

Note: Customers using FOREVER FREE and PAY AS YOU GO PLANS on Mailchimp cannot use Mandrill services. To use Mandrill as a paid add-on or upgrade to a monthly plan.

To integrate Mandrill into your OnPrintShop web store login to Mandrill and follow the below steps-


  • Click on the link ‘Add Mandrill to your MailChimp account’.

This will redirect you to a guide where you can learn how to add a Mandrill account, remove Mandrill, and much more. Follow the systematic guidelines to Add or Remove Mandrill. Also, in case of any query feel free to contact our support team at suppoort@onprintshop.com.