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Kit Products

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Kit Products

What is a kit product?

A Kit is a set of articles (products) used for a specific purpose. A kit can be a school kit, college kits, office kits, etc. This will help customers to order bulk products using a kit instead of ordering separate products. Kits have been major attractions for businesses and schools, as it contains a pack of products. Kits are more informative and versatile. Thus, add Kits into your web store and explore how they are important from - https://www.flottmanco.com/importance-media-kit/

Instead of a separate entity, the Kit Product is considered as a Predefined Product. This will help the Admin manage the sort order of the product without any hassle. Along with this other database, handling benefits comes handy. Read along to understand how to integrate

How to add a kit product?

To configure kit products, follow the steps explained below –

Product Details Configuration

  • Go to Admin >> Products >> Pre-defined Products
  • Click on Custom Size Products3.png to add a kit product.
  • Enter product details such as – name, internal title, URL (unique through-out the system), keywords, and categories.
  • Kit product – Set this option as Yes. This means this is a kit product; you’ll have to add predefined products to create the kit and those products can only be bought together.
  • Kit Products1.png

  • Description – Write product descriptions.
  • Note – For kit products, there are no Browse Design and Upload Center Descriptions.
  • Product Configuration – Set user type, the display position of kit, and cut-off time. These settings are similar to that of standard products, it’s just that for kit products there are a lesser number of configuration settings.
  • Kit Products2.png

  • Click on ‘Save and Continue’.

Add Products

  • Next, add products to the kit.
  • Kit Products3.png

  • Select the pre-defined products to add to the kit. The Unassigned Products list will include all the products created as pre-defined products irrespective of the user type defined.
  • Select and assign products to the kit.
  • Next, select the layout to be displayed for the products.

    Kit Products4.png

    • Description – This will show the Short Description along with all the product (belonging to this kit) on the Kit Product Info screen.
    • Images – This will display the Large Image of all the products (belonging to this kit) on the Kit Product Info Screen.
    • Price Calculator – This field will be default enabled. This means the price calculator of all the products belonging to this kit will be made available on the Kit Product Info Screen.
    • Download print-ready – This will display a download link for the print-ready files if the following conditions are fulfilled.
      • Uploaded print-ready file in the pre-defined product.
      • Enabled the ‘Download Print File’ setting from Product Setting.
      • Kit Products5.png

  • Allow Partial Kit – Enabling this setting will allow customers to choose specific products from the kit i.e. they can remove the products they don’t look to order. If the setting is enabled, then customers will see checkboxes (as shown below) along with every kit product.
  • Kit Products6.png

  • Lock Quantity – This will restrict the customers to change product-wise quantities for a kit. This will be applied to all the products.
  • Kit Products7.png

  • Additional Cost – This cost will be added per product in the kit. The cost will be applied to all the products in the kit.
  • Kit Products8.png

  • Lock Kit Quantity – With this you can restrict customers from changing kit quantity. You can enter comma-separated kit quantities that will be displayed in a dropdown at the front end.
    • Example – Locked quantities
    • Kit Products9.png

    • Front End
    • Kit Products10.png

Kit Product Rule

Here, you can create kit product’s quantity-related rules.

Note – For these rules to work make sure the Lock Quantity rule from the Add Product screen is disabled.

Kit Products11.png

  • Default Quantity – This will be the default quantity of the product to be shown at the front end which works in conjunction with the ‘Lock Quantity’ setting.
  • Additional Cost – This will be the additional cost to be calculated for the single products. Here, you can apply separate additional costs for all the products.
  • Lock Quantity – Locking a quantity will not allow customers to change the order quantity of a single product.
  • Kit Products12.png


This section defines the metatags for the kit product created.

We have given fields such as Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Canonical References, and Additional Schema Mark-up.

Kit product – Front End

Shown below is the Product Info Page of Kit.

This page includes –

  • Kit product details
  • Product Image (Small)
  • Product Description (Short)
  • Price Calculator of each product
  • Price details of each product
  • Kit Price Summary

Kit Products14.png

The cart page is designed as shown below -

All the kit products will be shown under the View Products. The cart shows a summary of all the products with the Additional Options, Size combination, and prices.

Kit Products15.png

To view Kit Products order details, go to, Admin >> List Orders >> Kit Product Order

Here, the Order Product ID of all the kit products will be displayed.

Kit Products16.png