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How reorder works

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Reorder Product From Admin and Front

What is Reorder?

Reordering is when your customer requests for the same products with same configuration as fulfilled (supplied) earlier.

This module is important and can provide big benefits to your business. A seamless reorder process can support more positive customer relationships, and help existing customers do frictionless business with your brand. A reorder button will give a stronger focus on your existing customers and make your relationship stronger.

At OnPrintShop we offer various reorder features both at front and Admin.

Reorder from Admin

For all the orders Admin can reorder from orders listing page.

The Reorder is available at following instances

  • List Orders
  • Archive Orders (completed orders)

How reorder works1.png

Clicking on reorder will open a pop-up with all the order products. This section will allow Admin to select the products for reorder.

Admin can select as many as product(s) from the order and proceed with placing the order.

How reorder works2.png

Admin will be redirected to the 3rd Step of placing an offline order.

  • Here, select the payment method.
  • Select the shipping method.
  • Set order amount and perform following steps (if required) -
    • Apply coupon
    • Apply shipping amount
    • Check taxes
    • Raise a payment request
  • How reorder works3.png

Here, Admin can go back to Step – 2 and add more products (if required).

Reorder from Front

Normal Order

It includes the orders placed from the front end. Such orders can be reordered anytime there is no restriction in reorder days (from the order date).

  • To check order (at the front end) go to, My Account >> My Orders
  • How reorder works4.png

  • For all the orders placed from front, there will be a reorder button.
  • Here, customers can reorder the whole order using Reorder Button.
  • Or Reorder Design (only for a single product at a time) using the Reorder Design.

How reorder works5.png

Reorder Button

  • This will reorder the whole order, i.e. all the products in the order will be added to cart.
  • Here, one can delete the products if not looking to reorder.
  • Edit Order – click to edit the product details (increase/decrease quantity, change additional options, etc.)
  • Apply coupon (if any)
  • Add more products (if required)

How reorder works6.png

Reorder Design Button

  • This will reorder only the selected design i.e. the selected design will be added in the cart.
  • At a time only one product can be added using the Reorder Design button.
  • Edit Order – click to edit the product details (increase/decrease quantity, change additional options, etc.)
  • Apply coupon (if any)
  • Add more products (if required)

How reorder works7.png

Quote and Offline order

For quote and offline orders too your customers will get the Reorder Button, and Reorder Design button.

But, if the number of days until which the ‘Offline Orders and Quote Orders’ can be reordered is exceeded then they’ll see a request Reorder Button.

You can connect with the technical team to set these days.

The Request Reorder button will look something like as shown below –

How reorder works8.png

Clicking on the request reorder button will send a request to Admin and show customer the below message.

How reorder works9.png

Admin will receive an email ADMIN_CONTACT_US which will state that the customer has requested a reorder of the previous order. Admin can now act accordingly and help customer to reorder their previous order/order product.

Conditions when Reorder Button will not be displayed. In the below cases Request for Reorder button will also not be displayed.

  • When order is in below statuses
    • APA – Awaiting proof approval
    • AP – Awaiting proof
    • AA - Awaiting artwork
    • PR - Proof Rejected
  • Product Service Type
    • Mailing List Product
    • Only mailing product
  • Print ready file of the product is deleted.