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Google Business Reviews

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Setup Google Business Reviews

Get your Google Business Reviews right from your website! Integrate the Google business review application with your OnPrintShop website and allow your customers to write reviews right from your store.

Know more about Google Business Reviews from here.

Follow the below steps to configure Google Business review API with your OnPrintShop store.

Step – 1 Create a New Project

  • Go to, https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/dashboard
  • Log in with your Google Account.
  • After successful login, create a New Project from a ‘NEW PROJECT’ Button.
  • Enter your project name and location to create a project.
  • Google Business Reviews1.png

  • After creating a project Google Developers page will lead you to your project dashboard. Click on Go To APIs Overview.

Step – 2 Enable APIs and Services

  • The APIs Overview button will redirect you to your project dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES’ button.
  • Setup Google Drive2.png

  • Search Places API and enable it.
  • Google Business Reviews2.png

  • Similarly, search Maps JavaScript API and enable it.
  • Google Business Reviews3.png

Step – 3 Get Places ID

Step – 4 Get the API Key

To get the Google Maps Platform API Key, go to Credentials >> Configure Consent Screen

Google Business Reviews6.png

Select the OAuth Consent Screen User Type as – External

Google Business Reviews7.png

  • This will start the ‘App Registration Process’. It is a four-step process.
  • Google Photos and Login17.png

  • Fill up the consent screen, enter your Application Name, Application Logo, and User Support Email.
  • Google Business Reviews15.png

  • Enter the website domain for domain authorization, such as the website domain, homepage link, privacy policy page link, and terms of services link.
  • Google Photos and Login19.png

  • Enter developer contact information. This email address is entirely for Google to notify you about the changes to your project.
  • Google Business Reviews8.png

  • When finished click on the Save and Continue.
  • In the steps following, click on save and continue and finish the app registration process.

To get the API key –

  • Under API & Services, click Create Credentials
  • Click API Key.
  • Google Business Reviews9.png

  • This will show you the API Key (as shown below)
  • Google Business Reviews10.png

  • Copy and save this API key.

Step – 5 Get Request review URL

To get the Request Review URL follow the below steps –

  • Follow this link to create your Business Account - https://business.google.com/create
  • To get the Request Review URL, scroll down the page and find the Get more reviews box.
  • Google Business Reviews11.png

  • Click on Share Review Form.
  • Google Business Reviews12.png

  • Copy and save the URL.

Step – 6 Integration in to Admin Panel

Now, to integrate Google Review Business into Admin Panel, go to Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Setting >> Review Tab >> Google Business Review

Here, paste the following entities –

  • API Key – Saved in Step – 4
  • Place ID – Saved in Step – 3
  • Request Review URL – Saved in Step – 5
  • Save the changes made.

Google Business Reviews13.png

Front End

At the front end, you’ll be able to see a Reviews floating button.

Clicking the button will display all the Google Business Reviews for your website. Your customer can anytime click on the Write Review button, afterwards, they’ll be redirected to your Google Business Page. There, they can write a review for your business.

These Google Business Reviews will be displayed on the Product Info Pages too.

Google Business Reviews14.png