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Front Store Module71

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Front-Store Enhancement

Coupon/Discount Module enhancement

Now onwards Admin will have provision to create Coupons to be applied on both – ‘Shipping Price’ and ‘Product Price’. Earlier this was possible only for any one of the above option. Now we have given an open room wherein Admin can create coupons and set the facility as per their business needs.

  • For this feature we have provided a Both option in Orders >> Coupons / Discount >> ‘+Add’ Button >> Add Coupon / Discount.


Auto-suggestion in Address field

Now onwards, for address fields system will give auto-suggestion for the fields using the Google APIs, just like the way browser gives suggestion to fill in details. However, user will have the liberty to ignore provided suggestion and enter their own address details.

  • This auto address search functionality will be available on User Registration Page, Guest Checkout Page, Shipping Address Page and manage Address on Cart section.
  • Admin can enable the setting from - Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> ‘Shipping Address Setting’ button (top right corner) >> Auto Address Search Service.


  • Admin gets the option to select that where Customer will get, the auto suggestion option – it can be Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Zip Code, Company Name.
  • According to the select field, customers will get an auto suggestion as shown below.


Site Image Optimization

Website load time might affect sales and you may lose potential customers.

For better performance of the site, we have taken the call to optimize the images shown on site. To set this optimization a whole new section is added in Store configuration.

To access this function, go to, Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> Image Optimization

We have given options to optimize banner images, product images, and product gallery images, wherein Admin can manage the height and width of the images, manage their image quality and generate Webp images.

Webp is a modern image format that provides a lossless suppression of the images. The images created are 26% smaller as compared to PNGs. The compression will optimize your website speed and give a shorted loading time.


Minor Enhancements

Product Minimum Price Enhancement

Now the Minimum Price of any particular product defined in the Product Setting >> ‘Pricing Tab’ >> Product Minimum Price will be applied on the ‘Base price’ of product price. Earlier it was calculated based on product price as well as the price of additional options i.e. on the subtotal of product price.

Enable Facebook and Google Login Popup

Now we have enabled Google and Facebook Login in designer studio and login popup screen. This will prevent customers from going through all the hassle of going back to the website and login.

Pagination on Product Category Landing Page

Pagination is added on ‘Product Category’ landing page for easy navigation of Website Customer. This will improve system performance and reduce the toil of scrolling the Product Category page. 

  • At the front end we have provided ‘First’, ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, ‘Last’, and Page numbers.


Login/Logout Enhancement

When the Admin is logged in as from the Admin Panel and also as a Default Store (any other customer) from the same browser than even if Admin account is logged out, other customer’s account can be operated easily without getting auto-logged off from the account. Earlier in such scenario admin and another user, both used to get logged off from the system.

  • This will eliminate the chaos and disturbances created when Admin places offline orders or perform any sort of activity in the accounts of its registered customers.
  • Enhanced Normal Approval Proof Screen

    Now for proof approval, designs will be represented on the customer’s screen as a Pop-up for better presentation.

    • This will give a better representation of the design and reduce customer’s pain of downloading the file.
    • With this feature customer can directly view the file and Approve or Reject the design.
    • Earlier these files were first to be downloaded to view.

    Control Page Redirection After Registration

    Now Admin will be able to set ‘After registration’ redirection page for Default Store and Store customers separately.

    • For this feature, we have provided a setting in Admin Panel >> Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> ‘After Login Redirection’, namely Store Registration Module and Default Store Registration Module.


    Using the dropdown in both the settings, Admin can set the redirection page. The system has a provision to set OTHER landing page, by providing the external URL.

    Provision to View Recently Ordered Product

    Admin will now get a chance, to let their customers view the recently ordered products. We have added the recent products block in the right side of the Home Page, as well as in the My Account section.

    • However, where it appears in your store, along with the number of products in the listing totally depends on the Admin.
    • We have provided an open room which will help Admin decide about the look and feel of the block.

    Display Order’s Estimated Delivery Date

    The most accurate way to find out when an order will arrive is by the Estimated Delivery Date. Your customers can now do this from their account itself.

    As soon as any customer places an order they will get an Estimated Delivery Date for their shipment on the order summary page.


    Yotpo Review Module Enhancement

    Great news for Yotpo configured clients. Yotpo has updated its Review & Ratings Module, which will help you collect reviews in a smarter way. With AI powered widgets Yotpo has enhanced its review system and shows Start-Rating for each product.

    • Thus with quick integration and setting we have adapted the update and our clients will also get to showcase their Star-Rating on home page for each product.


    Newsletter Subscription Block Added in Promotional Message

    In promotional message pop-up we have added ‘Newsletter’ subscription block. Using this feature, display Newsletter Subscriber block as a pop-up message to customers when they land on your web page.

    • To create ‘Newsletter subscription block’ pop-up, go to Admin >> Store Personalization >> Promotional Content/Message >> ‘Add’ Button.
    • Fill in the required details and in the ‘Description’ block write “{% block_subscriber %}.”
    • Save the changes made and continue.
    • This will display the Subscribers Block on the format of Promotion Pattern An example is shown in below image.


    Display Pay On balance for Default Store Customers

    Now we have provided a facility such that the Default Store customer can also check their Pay On Account Balance on the Shopping Cart Page. This will inform them their remaining Pay On balance, thus making it easier to place an order. 


    Hide/Show Orientation filter option

    On Browse Design page, ‘Search by Orientation’ for the templates can now be made optional to be displayed. We have provided an open room for the filter using a variable setting, that will help you in quick hide/show of the block.


    Quote approval screen enhancement

    We have controlled the ‘Upload File’ option that was displayed compulsorily on the ‘Quote approval Screen’.

    • Using a simple setting from technical team, Admin can hide/unhide the button from the Front Store.


    State Code Added in Order Export File

    Now in Order export through Export/hot folder and Export API a column indicating State code is added. This will help in managing the orders and filtering them using the 2-digit state code.

    Facility to pass SKU Code to Third Party

    With the updates in ShipStation API we, we have enhanced our system such that our system will be able to send Product’s SKU Code along with the Shipment Details.