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Email Not Delivered Error

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How to solve email not delivered error?

As an OPS Site Admin, the emails may remain undelivered or bounces back with an error message at the Admin side. Depending on your account settings there are various reasons that the system fails to send the notification emails to the Admin. For example, the customer receives an Order Confirmation email however the mail delivery subsystem failed to send the same order confirmation email to the Admin.

For such cases, we have a few recommended solutions for the Admin –

  • Keep separate email address for FROM and TO section from Email/SMS Notification

    For the Admin to receive every email, it is very much important to have different emails mentioned in the From and To section of the Email/SMS Notification.

    To check the same follow the path – Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notification >> Action Menu of any email template >> Set Email Notification

    As shown in the below image set the from and to email addresses different. 

    Note – the below mail ids mentioned are just for your reference. Always enter email ids created for your business.

Email Not Delivered Error1.png

  • Make sure the notify checkbox is enabled

    Along with different mail, ids make sure the Notify toggle is enabled. This notifies setting is responsible for sending the email to the id mentioned in the To section.

    Email Not Delivered Error2.png