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Setup EDDM

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mailing List Services TAB > EDDM

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a service by USPS. It offers a mass mailing service offered in the USA for mass marketing services and promotions services. It is highly recommended by OnPrintShop to integrate the EDDM service in your store and enable the mass mailing facility for your end customers. With this integration, your end customer can perform both Printing and Mailing activity from your storefront only instead of going to different portals for each of the services separately.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate EDDM with your OnPrintShop website-

Step – 1 Create a USPS Account

Screenshot 1.png

Step – 2 Get API USPS User Name

  • Register for API Web Toll Service on https://registration.shippingapis.com/
  • Screenshot 2.png

  • Fill in the required details and register.
  • You will get mail on your registered email ID; the email will consist of Username and Password.
  • Copy and Save the username and password.
  • Screenshot 3.PNG

Step – 3 Activate the EDDM service in USPS Account

Mail the USPS support to enable the EDDM service into your account. Also, ask for SelectZIP and SelectNear integrations from USPS support.

The USPS will enable your EDDM service and notify you on your registered address.

Step – 4 Get Google Maps API key

  • Go to google developer login. https://console.developers.google.com
  • Create a New project on the console.
  • Enter the required details for the project and complete the project creation process.
  • You will land on the Projects Dashboard.
  • Enable the following API Services in the console: Places API, Maps JavaScript API, and Geocoding API.
  • EDDMGoogleMap1.png

  • Go to the credentials section.
  • Create credentials for this project.
  • Choose API key (This identifies your project using the Simple API Key) to create the credentials.
  • Screenshot 4.PNG

  • Copy and API save the API key.
  • EDDMUpdate2.png

Step – 5 Configure EDDM with OnPrintShop

  • Go to: Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Mailing List Services >> EDDM>> Edit from the Action Dropdown
  • Paste the UserName and Google MAP API key in the setting section and click on Save.
  • EDDMUpdate3.png

Now your end customers will be able to use the EDDM Service for mailing products in the front store.