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Dropbox Images

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Dropbox Images Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB > Dropbox Images

Give your users the accessibility and feasibility to access their images stored on Dropbox. With simple easy steps, integrate Dropbox images into your OnPrintShop web store. After Dropbox Images integration your customers will able to access all their images uploaded by them on Dropbox and use them in the designer studio.

Note - The Dropbox Images feature works only for the SSL verified websites. If your website does not holds a SSL Certificate, then it is recommended to get the SSL certification.

Step – 1 Sign in or create a new Dropbox account

  • Sign up with Google or create a new Dropbox account.
  • DropboxImagesUpdate1.png

Step – 2 Create Dropbox Platform App

Create a new app on the DBX Platform


On the create app page fill in the basic app details.

  • In the Choose an API section select Dropbox API.
  • Under the section Choose the type of access you need i.e. Full Dropbox as it gives access to all files and folders in a user's Dropbox.
  • Name your App and click on Create App button.


This will create a DROPBOX API with access to full dropbox.

Step – 3 Get App Key and Secret ID

After you create an app, the next screen will generate an App Key and an App Secret Key.

  • To generate the access token click on Generate Access Token button.
  • In the OAuth 2 Redirect URIs enter your URL in the following format - https://<yourdomain.com>/Services/images.php?dropbox=1
Note: This access token can be used to access your account registered account via the API. Do not share your access token with anyone.

Dropbox Images3.png

Step – 4 Configuration in Admin Panel

Enter the App Key and App Secret Code on the Admin Panel in the following path. Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Social Sharing >> Click 'Edit' in Action menu for 'Dropbox Images’


Step – 5 Enable the Studio Settings

To enable the Dropbox upload button on Designer Studio follow the below path on Admin Panel Admin > Designer Studio > Studio Settings > Studio Settings > Search for Dropbox

  • Under the Image Section Tab enable the ‘Dropbox Button - Enable (Default: OFF)'.
  • Click on Save.


Step – 6 Designer Studio Side

When your customers land on Designer studio and chooses to upload an image from Image Gallery they will see a Dropbox button.

  • This means customers can upload image in the designer studio from his Dropbox account.
  • All they have to do is Connect to Dropbox account.


  • Once the customer clicks on connect he will be redirected to login into his Dropbox account.
  • After login, your customer gets the full access to his Dropbox account and all its folders as shown in the below example.