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Designer Studio Module71

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Designer Studio Enhancement

Designer Studio enhancement for Promotional & Standard Products

  1. In the current version, for Promotional Product in the designer studio, the sides of product (front and back) were represented just by the name i.e. front and back. Many times this representation left users in confusion as to which side customer is are currently working on.
    1. To avoid this confusion, we have enhanced its representation by adding thumbnails image of Product Design, along with the page name(s).
  2. Earlier for Promotional Products in the designer studio, designer area block was shown by default, while now it will be shown only when an element is dragged on a defined area.
    1. It’s a configurable setting to meet the different business need.
    2. Also, Admin can add other boxes inside the defined designer area for segregation of different designing area.
    3. Also, it will give a clear view of the print preview designs.
  3. We have removed unnecessary space between the elements in the designer studio keeping the screen clean and user-friendly. This step was mainly taken, keeping in mind the pain of our mobile users.


Quick side navigation bar

We have introduced a quick side navigation bar in the Designer Studio. Any customer will be able to quickly navigate to any other product or any other page from the studio itself.

  • To enable quick side navigation bar, we have provided a setting in Designer Studio Setting >> ‘Allow CMS Sidebar’ of the Admin Panel.
  • This setting will give a Quick Navigation bar in the Designer Studio (as shown below).


Preview of Design with Cut Margin Area (Photobook & Calendar)

We have added a new feature in the Calendar and Photobook product which gives Customers a Design Preview without the cut margin. This will help the customer in getting a better idea of the design, with the printable area of these products. 

Spine Feature & Two-Page Spread Cover (Photobook)

We understand the usability of Photobook products and thus we are providing a provision for the customer to view photobook’s front and back cover at the same time along with the Spine area is made available.

  • Main advantage of this facility is that user can have two-page spread photo, spreading right from front cover till the back. Also can add up some title or name on spine.
  • Spine is the photobook cover that encloses the inner pages.
  • For this we have given ‘Spine’ toggle in the Designer Option.
  • Photobook Product >> Designer Option >> Setup Product Pages section >> “Spine” toggle.
  • There is also Spine Type option, with two radio buttons, Fixed Spine and Dynamic Spine.


Front End View


Provision to Change Template/Theme from Designer Studio

Moving forward, a customer will not have to take the pain to come out of the designer studio to just change the theme of the Photobook product.

  • We have provided a ‘Browse All Themes’ button under the Layout tab in the Designer Studio for the Photobook Product.
  • Using this they can directly change the theme from within the Designer Studio.

Custom Position of Month Layout (Calendar)

Now customers will be able to set month layout at the desired position on every page of the calendar. Earlier its position was restrictive to all page. This option is available for customers as well.

To support this feature we have added a new setting in the Admin Panel - Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> ‘General’ Tab >> Apply month layout to All Pages / Single Page Option.

Enabling this option will give Customers an open room to design month layout for their  Calender Product.

Custom Art Maker

We have introduced a new feature in Designer Studio – ‘Custom Art Maker’ for a customer to easily design their promotional products, labels, banners, etc. From here Customers can directly add color and text, then the system will automatically feed the details to Custom Art Maker. Customers will also get a choice to change the clipart as per their choice. All the layout options that appear for customer selection will be added by admin in ‘Clipart design’ section of Templates. This feature will help your customers to quickly customize their products.

Admin can connect with the OnPrintShop’s technical team for this feature. Once this feature gets enabled into your web store the Custom Art Maker will appear in Standard Product, Promotional Product and Custom Size products.


Once customers choose their desired color and text, they will be able to choose from various pre-defined layouts. We have also added various clip arts into different categories.


Facility to ‘Repeat background/Pattern’

Now the customer will be able to set repeat patterns in the background. For this, they will have to upload the background image from the “Pattern Symbol” right next to the background color button. 

We also have a facility to adjust the pattern, padding, and opacity of the background. Earlier a customer was only able to set a normal background image with no pattern.


Upload Center Proof Tool Enhancement

We have enhanced logic of loading studio canvas orientation. Now based on the orientation of image uploaded from ‘Upload Center Flow’ studio’s canvas will get oriented. i.e. If initially canvas is in landscape mode but uploaded image file is in portrait mode, then the canvas will automatically load in portrait mode.

In the Upload Proofing Tool, we have added a Rotate Design feature. This will for sure help your customers to proof their design and make the desired changes with more ease.

Introduction of Help and Previous/Next button on the Proofing Tool

We have added an extra setting for the ‘Introduction’ section of Proofing Tool. Customers earlier faced a problem as the introduction section vanished as soon as they click the Got It button. Now we have made a little optimization wherein they can easily find the Introduction.

  • To make it easier to handle we have given an Intro Button toggle, this will display an Intro button at the designer studio. To enable the setting go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> Enable Intro Button
  • Admin can also find other Intro Button settings such as its display position for different product type and the sort order.
  • Enhancing the Proofing Tool, we have also added the NEXT button to switch among the product pages. This will help your customers to easily navigate through different product pages without any hassle.

Provision to convert SVG to Clipart at Front side

Thinking about the usage of SVG format files we have enhanced the working of clip arts on our designer studio.  Now, customers can also upload their SVG files into the designer studio and convert them into clipart file

  • For this, Admin will find a setting in Designer Studio settings >> “Convert SVG to ClipArt.”
  • When the toggle button is enabled and customers exports an SVG file from the Designer studio then they will get an option to convert the SVG file into Clip Art format.
  • After file conversion, they can perform certain activities such as Fill Color, Align, Rotate, etc. on the clip art.


Navigation enhancement in Admin Templates section

Action menu navigation is turned to the tab menu in PDF Block Templates for better user convenience. Earlier it was very much lengthy for customers to switch between the Action menu options. To cut down the back and forth process we have added a Tab View for all the options in Action Menu.


Calendar Layout Enhancement

Now in the calendar on changing the starting month other than the default, background layout/image set for a particular month will move along with month’s position. Earlier only the month position was changed and not the fixed layout for the particular month.

For example, a design associated with August 2019 will remain as it is if the customer changes its start month from January 2019 to May 2019. Now you don’t need to compromise with the calendars’ design while changing the start month or whatsoever.

Minor Enhancement

Add Note Feature

Now for any particular template/design Customers will have an exclusive provision to give specific printing instruction for the printer to be taken care while printing just by adding notes in the screen of Designer Studio.

  • For this, we have added a notes section in the designer studio.
  • To enable the note section, there is a setting provided in the Designer Studio Setting of the Admin Panel. Designer Studio >> Studio Setting >> “Enable template Notes
  • The above toggle will enable the notes section, wherein customers can mention any specific instructions as required. (The position of Notes section may vary according to different product type and setting)


Compatibility with Google Photo’s upgrade

Google recently updated its ‘Google Photos API’ and accordingly, we have updated our solution for better compatibility. This will help you in faster integration of Google Photos into your web store.

Canvas ruler made product wise

We have also added an option ‘Ruler Display Unit’ in the Designer Studio Site settings. This will help Admin display a common ruler for all the products in the designer studio at the front. 


Vertical Calendar Preview for Calendar Products

Now, the calendar’s preview has got the look and feel of the real calendar just the way we have for the photobook. We have extended the vertical calendar preview to the Front Store also.

Earlier the calendar vertical preview was only on the Designer Studio, now after creating the design customer can view their calendar design later in the My Account >> Portfolio.

Provision of ‘Intro button’ for on-screen Intro Help in Designer Studio

Earlier designer studio’s on-screen help served only as welcome intro help now user can recall it for any time access through ‘Intro button’. Button’s placement will be configurable, place it as per your convenience.

  • To enable the setting go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> Enable Intro Button

Flexibility to hide and show Left Panel

If your customers feel that left navigation panel is covering a lot of their canvas space, then we have got you covered.

  • We have introduced a simple Show/Hide button for the Left Panel.
  • Here customers can just hide it with a click and continue customizing a template in a broader area.


Added Place holder for Text Element in Browse Design Templates

We have added a place holder setting for the Text Fields for Browse Design Templates. Admin can mark the text element as place holder using the ‘Mark as Placeholder’ setting of the Text Element.

‘Help Guide’ to use elements in Block studio template

Like other templates, we have introduced a help section for the PDF block templates to ease up the designing and editing process in the designer studio.

  • There is a setting made available in the designer studio which can be enabled from Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Setting >> Display Text/Image element Help Message in Left Panel for PDF block templates.
  • The dropdown has three options namely – Hide, Top, and Bottom


Distinct ‘Proof’ Color for Darker Shades Background

Earlier for background with darker shades proofing was hardly visible. So, now onwards even if the print-ready file has a darker background, proofing of the design will be maintained distinctly. This will maintain the integrity of the designs created in the Admin’s Designer Studio.

Standardized pdf block font filename

We have followed a standardized pattern in the naming convention of Font Files for the PDF Block templates. The file names are made case sensitive to eradicate file duplication.

For the uploaded Font Files, the system will now show a message informing Admin the availability of the Font.

Position of the Image Tab Changed

To make the Designer Studio more convenient to use we have moved the Image Tab of Photobook products and made it first in the tab list. This will ease the efforts of customers in importing the images, as images are an inevitable part of any Photobook and are frequently used.

Clipart Modification

We have modified predefined clipart section and removed extra spaces for better visualization.

Order Information in Print Ready File

Now admin will be able to show order information like Order id, product name, size, SKU, order product id, products quantity, the design name and unique number in print-ready file through a site variable setting.