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Designer Options

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Designer Options

Learn to perfom various actions on the designer account, set commission and access the Designer Admin Panel.

Action Menu of Designer

After you add a designer next is to set up their commission, manage the commission, and edit the designer details if required. Understand various Action options of Designer.

Designer Get Started7.png


  • A button to view a summary of the designer details such as commission, the number of the template created, sold templates, and other basic designer details.
  • Designer Get Started8.png


  • Here, you can edit the designer's details, or change their payment details (if required).

Setup Commission

  • For every sold template (the one created by designer) you can set up a commission. On the Setup Commission dashboard, you can set a common commission for the designer or set a product wise commission.
  • The commission can be in percentage or a fixed amount.
  • If the product-specific commission is not configured, then the common commission will be applied to calculate commission.
  • Designer Get Started9.png

Manage Commission

  • After your customer buys templates created by your designer they’ll receive a commission (in percentage or fixed amount). This the dashboard from where you can manage the commission of every designer.
  • You can mark a commission paid, unpaid, or cancelled using the Action menu.
  • Select one or more orders to perform bulk actions.
  • Designer Get Started10.png

Setup Common Commission for All Designers

If you are reluctant to add commission designer wise or product wise then you can anytime set up a common commission for all the designers.

Go to, Admin >> Business Partners >> Designers >> Common Commission (top-right corner)

Designer Get Started11.png

Here, you can always set a common commission for designers in percentage or amount. For the designers whose product commission is not set the system will consider this common commission.

Designer Admin Panel

The designer’s Admin Panel summarises all their details, such as total commission earned, the paid commission, number of templates created and sold, etc.

  • Switch to customer – This will take the designer on their customer account (if they are existing customers).
  • My Templates – Show a list of all the templates created by the designer.
  • Add New Template – This will allow designers to add a new template into their portfolio by filling a few template details. The process to add template is the same as mentioned in the User Manual.
  • Commission and Template Sales Report – Designer can view their commission report and template sales report by applying filters just like the Admin.
  • Page Layouts and Month Week Layouts – This will only appear if Calendar, Photobook, and Book Product are enabled on the website.
  • Designer Get Started12.png