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Custom Size Products

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Custom Size Products

What are custom-size products?

Allow your customers to order a product with custom height and width, i.e. customers will get to decide the size of product they want to get printed.

Examples of such products are – banners, posters, yard signs, etc.

A custom size product will allow the customer to adjust the height of the product, or order a custom dimension of any product according to their needs.

Features for custom size products in OnPrintShop system –

  • Custom Price Estimation (Price)
  • Online design option for custom size products
  • Upload large files
  • Shipping Module – Package Configuration

How to configure custom size products?

To configure custom size products, follow the steps explained below –

Product Details Configuration

  • Go to Admin >> Products
  • Click on Custom Size Products3.png to add a custom size product.
  • Enter the product details such as – product name, internal title, keywords, URL, and define categories.
  • For the CUSTOM SIZE PRODUCTS, the Price Defining Method should be – Size Based Price (Dynamic Size)

    Custom Size Products1.png

  • Set measurement unit. This is the unit in which this product will be defined/measured in this system. This unit is customizable at the front end (explained in Product Setting).

    Custom Size Products2.png

  • Configure other details such as product type, user type, stock management, product descriptions, etc. These settings remain the same as standard product configuration.

Designer Options

As this is a custom size product, there will be no need to define product sizes.

All you have to do here is to set the product pages.

  • Enter page name, give a sort order, and save.
  • Similarly, add other pages and save the changes made.

Next, set the correct safe margin and cut margin for your custom size products.

Custom Size Products4.png

Product Prices

Enter the product prices based on range. This is an area-based pricing method.

The price of a product is decided based on the following formula and steps:

Case 1 – If Area Lookup is Only Height x Width

  • Area = (Width) * (Height)
  • The system will run a lookup of the area from the defined sizes in this (Product Price) section.
  • Final Price = Area * Quantity (entered from the front end)

Case 2 – If Area Lookup is Only Height x Width x Quantity

  • Area = (Width) * (Height)
  • Lookup formula - (Width) * (Height) * (Quantity)
  • The system will run a lookup of the area from the defined sizes in this (Product Price) section.
  • Total Price = (Lookup formula) * (Price per unit square set for particular area range) * (Ordered Quantity)

    Custom Size Products5.png

  • Enter the prices by defining various size ranges.

Quantity Based Price

Click on the Quantity Based Price to add quantity based pricing for the sizes added in the previous screen.

If you have a configured quantity-wise price, then this price will be considered for calculation, and if the price is not configured then the system will take the area-wise configured price.

Use the size dropdown to add pricing for different quantity ranges for each size added previously.

Custom Size Products6.png

Additional Options

Adding options to custom size products is the same as Standard products.

  • Go to the Additional Options tab, click on .
  • Enter title and description for the option.
  • Select presentation and exports groups (optional)
  • Set Input Type for the additional option. If the input type is selected as Radio Button, Dropdown, or Checkbox then you’ll get a Price Calculator Type dropdown.
    • The additional option price will be calculated based on the selected price calculation type.
    • The price calculator type options are –
      • Multiply with Area (Height * Width). Can be applied to the Waterproof banner’s additional option.
      • Multiply with Perimeter (2*(Width + Height))
      • Multiply with Width. Can be applied to products like Scrolls.
      • Multiply with Height. Can be applied to products like Pole Banners.
      • Fixed Price
      • Custom Size Products7.png

  • Price Multiply with Quantity
    • If the input type is selected as Radio Button, Dropdown, or Checkbox then you’ll get the option to multiply the Additional Options Price by Quantity.

    Custom Size Products8.png

Set Additional Options Pricing

Attribute Wise

Click on the Custom Size Products20.png to set attribute prices.

Here, you’ll get to set the attribute prices based on the Size Ranges created in Product Prices.

For every attribute defined, you can set prices based on the size ranges. The price calculation will be based on the option selected from the Price Calculator Type dropdown.

Custom Size Products9.png

Quantity Based Attribute Price

Just like the product prices, you can set the Quantity Based Attribute prices for additional options attributes of custom size products.

Click on the Custom Size Products19.png button to set the prices for the additional option attribute quantity based.

Here, all the ranges created while defining the product prices will be displayed (by default). You can edit those ranges, create new and then define prices (if required).

Custom Size Products10.png

Note – If you have configured quantity-wise price here then, this price will be considered for calculation and if the price is not configured here then the system will take the price configured area-wise.

Product Settings

There are several custom size product-related settings that can be configured for better functioning of the custom size products.

  • Area Lookup

    This defines how the product price lookup should be performed.

    Custom Size Products11.png

    Consider a scenario where the price configuration of custom size product is as follows –

    Custom Size Products12.png

    Ordered Area – 4*3 = 12

    • Only Area (Height X Width) – If the lookup is set as the only area, then the price will be as follows –
      • Area = Height * Width = 4*3 = 12
      • The system will run a lookup to find the range of 12.
      • Total Price = 12* Quantity = 12*5 = 60
    • The area with quantity (Height X Width X Quantity)
      • Area * Quantity = Height * Width * 5= 4*3 * 5 = 60
      • The system will run a lookup to find the range of 60.
      • Total Price = 60* Quantity = 60*5 = 300

    Depending upon your pricing model you can set the lookup.

  • Restrict Size
    • This will restrict customers from ordering a custom size product with a certain height and width configuration.
    • Custom Size Products13.png

    • If you enable the ‘Allow Custom width and height’ setting, then you can enter the maximum and minimum width/height. This will restrict the customer to enter height and width within the minimum and maximum range.
    • Leave the range fields blank if you don't want the customer to choose within a defined size range.
    • On entering a size greater than the defined range, customers will see an error in the following manner.
    • Custom Size Products14.png

  • Unit Selection at front
    • While product configuration, you can define the measurement unit of a custom size product. But, if you want to make this unit selection flexible and to be available to the customers (at the front end), then enable this setting and select the measurement units.
    • Custom Size Products15.png

    • These units will be available at the front end in a dropdown and customers can select any desirable unit.
    • Once the unit is selected, all the conversions will be performed by the system and displayed accordingly.
    • Custom Size Products16.png

  • Predefined Custom Size

    This section will allow you to add a few pre-defined sizes for these custom-size products.

    Custom Size Products17.png

    These sizes will be listed in a dropdown at the front store. However, customers can choose to enter the custom size and enter their desired sizes.

    Custom Size Products18.png