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Bulk Import CSV

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Bulk Import Products via CSV

Instead of uploading a single product at a time, the OnPrintShop system allows you to mass upload products using an excel sheet. This will reduce down your labour required in uploading one product at a time.

Mass upload product details, pricing, and additional options. Simply follow the below steps to successfully import products into your store.

To import products, go to Admin >> Products >> Import Products

Importing products is a 5 step process that involves downloading the file, filling up the data, uploading it back, mapping the field, checking the imported data, and finally importing it.

Bulk Import Products1.png

Step 1 – Downloading a sample file

To download the correct sample file, follow the below steps –

  • Product Type – For every product type enabled on your system such as Standard, Predefined, Book, Calendar, etc., you can import products. The CSV file’s fields will vary according to the product type selected.
  • Download File – Select the download file type.
    • Default – The file downloaded will contain dummy sample data.
    • Specific – This will allow you to select a product from the ‘Select Product’ dropdown and then download a file with real-time product information for reference. This feature will be beneficial in the case where you have to import multiple products with the same specification and minor changes. You can download sample data of an existing product and easily fill the rest of the sheet, thus saving a hefty amount of time.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV2.png

Step 2 – Fill up data

In the file downloaded you’ll see serval columns. To import orders, you’ll have to fill all the required columns. Following is the description of some important columns –

Note – You can import products only for a single product type at a time.

Product Category

This sheet will allow you to add new categories to the system. Also, if you can define the current categories in this sheet and later use them as a reference while uploading products.

If the system finds a new category defined in the sheet, then that category will be added to the system.

  • Category Name
    • Enter the category title. This can be a new title (non-existing category) or an existing category.
    • This field is required and should be unique.
  • Category Internal Name
    • This is the category’s internal name to be used internally in the system (Admin Panel) at various instances such as searches, selection in the dropdown, etc.
    • This field is not mandatory and should be unique.
  • Category Internal Name
    • This is the category’s internal name to be used internally in the system (Admin Panel) at various instances such as searches, selection in the dropdown, etc.
    • This field is not mandatory and should be unique.
  • Category URL
    • This is the unique address by which your category will be accessible on the web. If the URL matches with the existing URLs then the system will not add this category.
    • This field is non-mandatory and should be unique throughout the system.
  • Status
    • Select category status
      • If kept Active, then it will be available at the front store
      • If kept Inactive, then the category will not be available at the front store.

Product Details

This sheet will allow you to add new products to the categories created in the previous sheet.

If the product listed here is already in the system, then that product will not be imported.

  • Product category
    • All the categories added in the previous step (product category sheet) will be listed in a dropdown. Select a category to assign for the product to be added.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV3.png

  • Product Title
    • Enter product title. This title will be displayed at the front store.
    • This field should be unique and is mandatory.
    • All the product titles entered in this column will be made available (in a dropdown) at various instances of this excel file. This will allow easy mapping and filling of data related to the product such as – product size, price, quantity, images, options, and options attributes.
  • Product URL
    • This will be the unique address of the product to be added.
    • This field is non-mandatory, if the URL is not entered then the system will auto-generate the URL.
  • Product Internal Title
    • Enter product’s internal title to be used internally in the system (Admin Panel) at various instances such as searches, selection in the dropdown, etc.
    • This field should be unique and is non-mandatory.
  • Small and Large Images
    • Enter only the file names of the small and large images. The images can be uploaded once all the products are imported into the system.
  • Product Descriptions
    • You can enter the following description.
      • short description (to be displayed on the home page, product listing pages, etc.)
      • long description (to be displayed on the product info page)
      • upload description (to be displayed on the upload center page)
      • browse description (to be displayed on the browse design page)
Note – All these description fields may vary from product to product. For example, the predefined product doesn’t have an upload design description and browse design descriptions, and so on.
  • Product Price Defining Method

    Bulk Import Products via CSV4.png

    • Define the product price defining a method.
    • All the price-defining methods will be listed in a dropdown.
  • Page Title
    • This is where you define the product pages.
    • Enter the product pages’ names comma separated.
      • Example – front, back
    • It is a mandatory field.
  • User Type

    Bulk Import Products via CSV5.png

    • Select the user type from the dropdown and assign products to the selected user type.
    • The product will be assigned to the selected customer type.
    • It is a mandatory field and the default value is – All User.
  • Store ID
    • If selected ‘Only Store’ or ‘All Users’ (in the User Type), then you can define the store IDs and assign the products to a specific store.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV6.png

    • For example, considering the above example, you can enter IDs such as 2,3,12,13
    • To assign products to multiple stores enter comma-separated ids.
  • Department ID

      Bulk Import Products via CSV7.png

    • For all the store departments you’ll find department IDs in a separate tab.
    • Use those IDs to assign a product department-wise to a specific store.
  • Product Type
    • Enter what design types you want to offer for the product. Enter comma (',') separated values
      • b or B for Browse Design
      • c or C for Custom Design
      • u or U for Upload Centre
      • h or H for Hire Designer
      • q or Q for Quote Product
    • For example – b,c,u. Thus, the product will have Browse Design, Custom Design, and Upload Design Options.
  • Area and Cut Margins

    Bulk Import Products via CSV8.png

    • Enter the dimensions of cut and safe margins which will be displayed in the Green and Red lines in the Studio Canvas.
  • Default Zoom
    • Select zoom from the dropdown, product template will be displayed with the selected zoom in the designer studio.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV9.png

  • Color Palette ID
    • Select color palette to be made available for this product type.
      • If you have a digital printer, you might choose RGB
      • If you have an offset printer, you might choose CMYK.
      • Select Advanced CMYK to provide an advanced CMYK color picker in the studio.
      • Similarly, select Advanced RGB to provide an advanced RGB color picker in the studio.
  • Measurement Unit
    • For custom size products you can set custom measurement units. Select any unit from the dropdown.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV10.png

Product Size Details

  • Product Title
    • The products created in the earlier sheet (Product Details) will be listed in a dropdown.
    • You can select one product at a time and enter size dimensions for the same.
    • For example, check the below image. You’ll find a list of all the products.
    • Bulk Import Products via CSV11.png

  • Site Title
    • This will be visible at the front end. Your customers will see this name while they will choose the size of the product.
  • Height and Width
    • For standard size products enter the height and width of the product design area.
    • For custom size products you can keep height and width as zero.
  • Default Size
    • If this is the default size, set this column as yes.
    • If no value is entered, then the default value taken is No.

Product Price Details

  • Product Title
    • All the products added in the sheet will be listed in a dropdown, select the product to enter price details.
  • Size Title
    • All the product sizes created in the Product Size Details sheet will be listed in a dropdown. So select one size and enter the price details with a combination of Product Title and Size.
  • Quantity
    • Enter the quantity range to set product prices.
    • We’ve kept the quantity to field optional, thus suiting all the pricing models.
    • You can enter quantity ranges according to your product pricing model.
  • Price
    • This is the Price of the product. The customer sees this price.
  • User Type and Store ID
    • As in the Admin Panel, here also you can add prices based on user type.
    • For each user type, you can enter quantity ranges and prices.
    • Select the user type from the dropdown, and for specific store enter store IDs.

Bulk Import Products via CSV12.png

Product Gallery

  • Product Title
    • Select the product from the dropdown.
  • Product Image Name
    • Enter the name of the images to be uploaded for all the products with extensions.
Note – The image files should be uploaded after the products get imported.
  • Image title
    • These are the image titles that will appear as image names in the Admin Panel as well as the front store.

Sample Image Data –

Bulk Import Products via CSV13.png

Product Option Group

You can create new product groups from this sheet. You can view some sample data for the same.

  • Option Group Name
    • This is the group name that will appear while assigning any option to the group.
  • Use for
    • This defines where the additional option group will be visible, i.e. in the presentations area – in the price calculator, in the export group – in the order export files, or both.
      • Presentation Only: This option displays the Group Name with all its Additional Options in the form of collapsible content at the front store on the price calculator.
      • Export Order Data Only: Group name will be used in export/hot folder as a keyword (optionGroup) with the additional option
      • Both: Uses the Group Name in both scenarios.
      • Bulk Import Products via CSV14.png

  • Is Collapse
    • Set how the option group should be displayed at the front store i.e. in expanded or collapsed mode.
      • Yes – The additional option group will be default collapsed at the front end.
      • No – The additional option group will be default expanded at the front end.

Product Option

This is where you’ll import all the additional options of the products.

  • Product Title
    • Select product from the dropdown.
  • Title and Description
    • Title of the additional option to be displayed at the front end.
    • You can also add a description as help for the customers. This will help them select the correct additional option attribute while ordering the product.
  • Input Type
    • Select the input type of the additional option.
    • This dropdown lists all the input types in the system.
  • Apply Multiplication
    • Select apply multiplication yes/no from the dropdown.
  • Display in Calculator
    • Set as Yes to display the additional option in the price calculator.
  • Option group name and export option group
    • Enter the presentation group and export order group for each additional option attribute.

Bulk Import Products via CSV15.png

Product Options Attributes

This is where you’ll create product options attributes for the product options created in the previous sheet.

  • Product Title
    • Select product from the dropdown.
  • Option Title
    • This will list all the additional options created in the previous sheet.
  • Label
    • This is the label of the additional option attribute to be displayed at the front end.
  • Default Attribute
    • If the attribute is the default, then set Yes else No. This is a mandatory field.
  • Status
    • Select attribute status from the dropdown.
      • Active - Attribute will be visible at the Front store.
      • Inactive - Attribute will not be visible at the Front store.

Bulk Import Products via CSV16.png

Step 3 – Upload the File

In this step, you import the product file back into the system.

  • Select the product type for which you have filled all the details in an excel file.
  • Upload the file.

Bulk Import Products via CSV17.png

Step 4 – Map Database Field

Field mapping, in essence, is the process of determining what data you want to move into a particular field.

We have a mapping tab for Product Details, wherein you can map the database fields with the import products excel sheet fields.

  • Database Field – This contains the database fields saved in the system.
  • Description – This contains a list of all the excel sheet fields, for you to map with the database fields.

Bulk Import Products via CSV18.png

Step 5 – Imported Data Summary

Here, the system will display the Imported Data Summary.

You can the invalid orders, check the invalid fields which will be indicated by a warning sign Bulk Import Products via CSV23.png. Invalid field means that the data does not match with the data type defined, i.e. the validation of that field is wrong.

All the skipped records will be marked in red font color. Skipped records mean that the data already exists in the system.

For example, in the below image, the CAP product already exists with the entered URL. And, as the URL field should be unique throughout the system it is necessary to change the URL of the new Cap product to be added.

Bulk Import Products via CSV19.png

Check the imported data summary of each sheet from the excel file. You’ll see each excel file sheet data in different tabs.

Check and verify for each data record, and import the product details.

Bulk Import Products via CSV20.png

Click on the Import button to import the records.

Bulk Import Products via CSV21.png

The system will display a warning message asking if you are sure to import orders, click Yes if confirm. Now, you’ll be redirected to the product details screen will all the new products added.

Once all the records are imported, you can choose to revert the action. But, once you close this or once the records get updated then there is no option to revert the action.

Bulk Import Products via CSV22.png