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AvaTax Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Tax API TAB > AvaTax

AvaTax is scalable and efficient Avalara solution for sales automation and tax compliance whose superior, out-of-the box features bring value to your OnPrintShop web store. AvaTax is an expert in tax compliance and helps you with your tax obligations.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate AvaTax with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with AvaTax


Step – 2 Get Licence Key and Account Number

  • To get a key and account number click on ‘Build your own integration with Avalara’s API’.


The screen following will demand you to finalize where you want to collect tax, tell AvaTax what you sell and connect AvaTax to API.


  • Complete the further process. The ‘how you sell’ screen will display your Account Number and Licence key as shown below.
  • Copy and Save the same.

AvaTax Integration7.png

Step – 3 Activate Your Account

After completing the set up process, AvaTax will demand to log in into your account.

  • Login into your account.
  • Complete the Activation process by entering your company information, your Taxpayer ID and Business ID.
  • Copy and save the Company Code.
  • Complete the configurations to activate your account.


Step – 4 Configure AvaTax into your OnPrintShop Admin Panel

To use the third party as Tax Calculation select ‘Tax Calculation based on’ as ‘Tax Calculation based on’.

  • Go to Admin panel >> Store configurations >> Settings >> Search with "Tax Calculation based on" >> Select "Third Party API-4" >> Save


  • To enable the AvaTax services go to Admin Panel >> Store Configurations >> External Service Settings >> Tax API Tab >> AvaTax >> ‘Action’ Dropdown >> ‘Edit’ Option

Fill in the details in the settings section as explained below-

  • In Username field enter AvaTax username.
  • In Password field enter AvaTax Password.
  • In Account Number field enter the saved account number or get the Account Number from AvaTax Admin console >> Settings >> Reset License Key >> Account ID
  • In Licence Key field enter the saved license key else generate it from AvaTax Admin console >> Settings >> Reset License Key >> Generate.
  • In Company Code field enter the saved Company code or get it from AvaTax Admin console >> Organization >> Company code.
  • Tax Code: if you have a specific tax code then you can insert it else system will take default "P0000000".
  • Tax Code for Shipping: if you have a specific tax code then you can insert it else system will take default "FR020000".
  • Environment: You have to select the environment as "Production Mode" for live website.
  • Address fields: You will have an option to enter Origin correct address.


After completing the above process, your customer will get a TAX on Front-End that will be calculated from AvaTax API Third Party.