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Admin Section Enhancements91

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Admin Section Enhancements

Admin Search Functionality New

In this version, we are introducing the Search Functionality in the admin panel. For this, we have added a search bar, search icon, bookmark icon, and menu in the Top Header of the admin panel:


The admin can search from the below-listed modules/sections:

AdminSearch ModuleList.png

To start the search, the admin needs to first select the section from the drop-down and then enter the keywords (in case of the menu), order number (in case of Orders), Customer name (in case of Customers), etc. in the search bar and click on the Search icon:

AdminSearch SearchMenu.png

In the case of menu search, once the admin will start typing the keywords, the system will list down the options in the drop-down. The admin can select the appropriate option and it will be redirected to the selected menu.

With the help of the Bookmark icon, the admin can search the pinned pages and saved reports from the system:

AdminSearch Bookmark.png

Template Creation for Package Product New

In this release, we added the feature of creating templates for the Package product. You can now create a template for the fixed-size package products as well.

Note:You can create templates for package products with pre-defined sizes.

Creating Package Product Template

The process of creating a template is the same as you create the templates for other products.

While creating the new template, you need to select the Packages option from the “Product Type” drop-down:

Packagepdt Template.png

Define all the other details as per your requirement and save.

Product Type selection

To display the templates created at the front store, the admin needs to check the box for “Browse Design” checkbox from the Products >> Package Product >> Edit tab >> Product Type field and save the setting:

Packagepdt BrowseDesign.png

Display at Front Store

At the front store, your customers can now view the templates for Package product by clicking on the Browse Design button:

PackagePdt Front.png

On the Browse Design page, the templates will be displayed based on the selected pre-defined size:

PackagePdt DesignTemp.png

New Product Page Layout Blocks New

Now, while designing the product page layout, you will have the facility to add three new blocks:


Once you select and add these blocks in the product page layout, you will get some options to choose what content you want to display in the respective blocks and how it will appear:

FullWidthBlocks Admin.png

Here is how the individual blocks will appear on the Product Info page:

Full-Width Content

When you add this block in the layout, the specified content can be seen in full-width at the front store, irrespective of the website theme::

FullWidthContent Front.png

Full-Width Background

When you add this block to the layout, then the full-width background can be set for the specified content. The color of the background can be managed from the custom CSS:

FullWidthBackground Front.png

Full-Width image Background

When you add this block in the layout, then you can set the product large image as the full-width background for the specified content. Also, you can manage the display of the specified content:

FullWidthImageBackground Front.png

Separate Availability of Payment/Shipping Method for Private/Public Store

From now onwards, the admin will have the facility to assign any Payment or Shipping method to All Private Stores and All Public Stores separately.

While configuring the Payment/Shipping methods, the admin will have 2 separate checkboxes for Private and Public stores as displayed below:

AvailableTo ShippingPaymentMethod.png

When the admin has selected only the “All Private Store” checkbox then, the selected payment/shipping method will be only available to All Privates Store only and when they have selected “All Public Stores” then, to all Public stores only apart from other selections.

Manage FAQs for Multiple Sections

To allow the admin to manage the FAQs for multiple products or product categories, we have added the FAQ Type option on the Add FAQ page:


  • General: When this option is selected, the FAQs will work as previously.
  • Product Specific: When this option is selected, the admin needs to select the products for which they are adding the FAQs:

FAQTypes Product.png

  • Category Specific: When this option is selected, the admin needs to select the product categories for which they are adding the FAQs:

FAQTypes Category.png

Once the admin has created FAQs for different sections, they can now add an FAQ block from the product page layout and through this they can personalize the FAQ block for the product info page:

FAQsBlock ProductPageLayout.png

“Manage IP Address” Enhancements

In the OPS v9.1, we have made some enhancements in the Block IP address functionality. The enhancements are:

  • We have renamed the functionality from “Block IP Address” to “Manage IP Address”:


  • We have added two actions in this functionality: Block IPs and Allow IPS.
    • Block IPs: This allows you to block the IP addresses from which you may be receiving spam emails or unnecessary requests.
    • Allow IPs: This allows you to make your website accessible to some IP addresses (for feedback or testing purposes) when your website is under maintenance.
  • The list of IPs added in both the actions will be displayed in the respective columns:

ManageIPaddress IPList.png

Web Optimization Page Enhancements

In this release, we have made the below-listed enhancements in the Web Optimization section:

  • For a better user experience, we have revamped the Web Optimization page:
  • WebOptimizationPage.png

  • The admin will now have facility to also optimize images for Size/Additional Option Attributes, Contents, and Website Logos.
  • We have also provided Optimize button to individual section to allow admin to individually optimize images for any of the sections reducing the time for the optimization process.

New Minor Features & Enhancements

Currency and Language Change from Admin for the Customer

Admin will have the option to change the language and currency for their customers from the Edit Customer screen of the Customer section:


Once the admin has set a language and currency for a customer, it will automatically reflect in the customer My Profile page on the front store.

When you are moving your customer from the default store to a private store or any other store, then it will display the custom language and currency of the store in the drop-down of the customer details.

Note: When the default language and currency are set in the Store settings, in that case, it will be by default displayed as selected and when it is not set in the store settings then, the first language/currency from the drop-down list will be considered as the default language/currency.

Allowed CC option in Default Reminder Emails

With this release, we have added the From, CC and BCC fields in the three Automatic email reminders from the Default Reminder tab. The admin can now add these details from the Content Management > Email/SMS Notifications > Automatic Email Reminder page:


In case, there are no email addresses entered in From, CC, and BCC fields, then the system will consider the email addresses mentioned in the Common setting from the Content Management > Email/SMS Notifications > Set Email Notifications.

Send Account Reviewing Email to Customer after Signup

The system will now send an email notification to the customer after they have registered with a store, stating that their registration request is under review process. Their registration will be confirmed once the admin will review and approve the request.

For this, we have provided a new email template “We are reviewing your account” in the Email Notifications section. You can configure this email as per your requirement using the variables.

This email notification will only be trigged when in the “Authorize from Admin” option is selected in the “Enable Authorization while registering Customers?” Site Settings:


Support HTML tags in Product options

Now, you can add HTML tags like etc. in the ‘additional options’ and ‘attribute’ titles and its effect will be seen at the front store on the ‘Shopping Cart details’, ‘Order Details’ and in the admin panel on the Order Details page.

Show Payment Failure Error for Payment Request

We have added the Payment Method column in the Raised Request tab of the Payment Request page where we will show the payment failure error/reason besides the respective payment request for you to check along with the information pop-up showing payment details and message.

PaymentReq PaymentMethod ColumnAdded.png

Export feature on Listing Pages available to Super Admin Only

Now, the Export to Excel feature on Orders, Quotes and Customer listing pages will only be available to the Super Admin.

Language-wise date format

For a multi-language business model, we now support language-wise date format at Front-Store as well as in the Admin Panel.

In the Admin Panel, the admin will have a facility to set if the for a particular language he wants to display language-wise date format. For this, the admin needs to activate the Locale Date Format option for the selected from the Site Settings >> Languages tab.


User-Group filter in Sales & Customer Report

We have enhanced the report filters by adding a new “User-Group” filter to the ‘Order Details’ & ‘Order Product Detail’ tabs of the Sales report and in the ‘Customer Details Report’ tab of the Customer report section. Now, the admin can use the user-group filter for viewing these reports.

Store filter in Template Sales & Designer Commission Report

We have provided the facility of filtering the ‘Template Sales’ and the ‘Designer Commission’ reports store-wise using the new “Store” filter.

Allow. webp & .webm image format

We have now allowed importing images with .webp and .webm formats along with other formats in the CkEditor.

Bell Notifications to Sub-Admin

Now, the sub-admins will also get the bell notifications (similar to the super admin) for the events related to modules which are assigned to them.

Filter workflow dashboard by Store

Now, when the workflow admin will login to their account, they can now filter their workflow dashboard Store-wise and check the workflows:

Storefilter WFdashboard.png

Sync Google & Facebook’s Shopping Feeds

In the Sitemaps screen, we have some enhancements in the Google and Facebook Shopping Feeds configuration:

GoogleFB Feeds.png

  • Now, the admin will have the facility to include short or long product descriptions in the feeds.
  • The admin will also be able to directly Save, View and Edit the Google and Facebook shopping feeds on the server. You can configure its link on your respective platforms.

Display Order Details in Pop-up

For a quick view of Order details, we have provided an Order Details pop-up. In the pop-up, the admin can check the few of the details such as Order Status, Order Date, Payment method, Shipping Method, Customer Name, etc. as displayed in the below screen:


We have added this pop-up at the below places:

  • Dashboard: Recent, Recent Orders, Job Board
  • Job Board
  • Reorder Page
  • Reports: Order Details, Order Product Details and Order Delivery Report.

Content Page URL Language

For the dynamic pages, the admin will now have the facility to create language-wise URLs:


Store Selection Display in Alphabetical Order

The store selection in the top header will be displayed in alphabetical order. The display sequence of Default, Reseller and Franchise stores will remain the same but the store within this sequence will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Customer Access Role Enhancement

On the Access Roles page, we have provided the option to select all accesses at once in every access role column for the selected user:

AccessRoles Allassign.png