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Admin Section Enhancements90

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Admin Section Features

Widget-Based Admin Dashboard

Check your store statistics at a glance with the revamped admin dashboard (with the facility of personalization). When you will access your admin dashboard, you will find: Store Quick Links at the top of the dashboard, some new and some improved widgets along with an icon to personalize the widget displayed:


Note: The widget access will be as per predefined permissions assigned to users/stores. If any widget is displayed and is not accessible then, we will display “No Data Available.”

What’s New in Dashboard?

Set Widget Preference

With the configurable dashboard, you and other users can choose the widgets to be displayed on the dashboard using the Settings button placed at the top right corner of the screen:


Store Quick Links

We have added a new widget – Store Quick Links

When you check the box of Store Quick Links from the settings, something like this will appear on top of your dashboard:


With these quick links, the admin can navigate to List Orders, View Quotes, Website Customers, Products, Product Templates, Site Settings, Designer Studio Settings and Store Stores pages.

Drag and Move Widgets

You can arrange the widgets as per your convenience just by dragging the widget and placing it at the desired location:


Job Board Split

Here, we have divided the Job Boards widgets into two: Order wise and Order Product Wise for better visibility:


Updated Blocks

We have added few new widgets such as Recent Orders, Recent Customers and Recent Quotes along with removing a few of them such as Store Statistics, Recent Update, etc.

Company Name: Orders, Quotes and Customers

We have added the “Company Name” filter on the Order Listing Page and “Website Customers” page.

On the Order Listing page, the admin can filter the orders based on the company name by typing 3 characters in the Company Name search box and selecting the Company Name from the drop-down:


Similar to the Order Listing page, the admin can filter the Company-wise customers on the Website Customers page:


Reminder Emails

With this release, we have added three new Automatic email reminders for you. The Content Management >> Email/SMS Notifications >> Automatic Email Reminder page has been revamped and a new tab has been added:


The previous email reminders have been categorized into Additional Reminders and a new tab “Default Reminder” has been added with 3 pre-configured email templates:

Failed Online Transaction: Whenever an online transaction is failed, an email reminder will be sent to your customers intimating about the same with the Order details and requesting them to complete the transaction using the link provided. You can find default content for the email as displayed below:


Payment Pending: You can send an email reminder to the customers who have not paid your requested payment. This email will have the Payment Request details with a link to make the payment. You can find default content for the email as displayed below:


Order Approval Pending (B2B): Every time an order is placed, the approver will receive 2-level reminder emails for approval minimizing the chance of neglecting the Order approval. You can configure the scheduler and repeat reminders. You can find default content for the email as displayed below:


  • Editing the Email Templates

    You can configure the email content using the Edit against the respective email template. On the email editing page (as displayed in the above images), you can configure the subject as well as the email content as per your requirement using the email template variables (content in curly braces) provided at the right-side panel.

  • Setting Email Reminders

    The sending of the email reminders can be configured using the Settings icon for the respective email reminders.

For Failed Online Transaction/Pending Payment

The setting screen for these two email reminders is the same. Here, you need to specify the time interval after/between which the reminders will be sent to the customer along with specifying the number of reminders to be sent. Also, choose to apply the settings specific user type from the drop-down:


For Pending Approval

For pending approval, you can create multiple settings depending upon the specific stores and Order/Reference No. The time interval and repeated notification fields remain the same. The difference is the selection of External Approval and Store admin in the reminders:


Imposition Enhancement

We have provided some additional functionalities in the Imposition Beta section:

Configure Individual Margin

In the Imposition Beta >> Schema Manager >> Edit Imposition Schema or Add Imposition Schema screen, now you can configure separate margins for each side – left, right, top, and bottom of the job:


Define Trim Margins

You also configure separate trim margins for all sides of the sheet:


Impose PDF Files

You can now have the facility to impose the PDF file without re-uploading for all the orders:


As you can see in the above screen that we have provided Print Ready File as PDF and along with that we have offered an option to re-upload the print-ready file. If you will select Yes in that option, you will get the button for Uploading your new file for imposing the order.

Categorization of Imposition Schema

With the new enhancement, you can now create categories for your imposition schema. From the Imposition Beta > Schema Manager > Edit Imposition Schema or Add Imposition Schema screen, click on the Plus icon to add the categories for Schemas:


Click on the Add button to add a new category and then Save the categories. Now, you will get the option to select the category whenever you add any new schema or edit any existing schema:


You will also get the option to select the Imposition Category when you will Impose Job:



Additional Option Based Report

In the ‘Order Product Detail’ report, you can now export the report with column-wise additional options detail. For this, we have added a new check box ‘Display Additional Option (column-wise)’ in the Export tab.

To get the Additional Option details column-wise,Admin >> Reports >> Sales >> Order Product Detail report:


Click on the Manage Field Setting icon. The Report Field Setting screen will open up:


Move to the Export tab and select the “Display Additional Option (column-wise) checkbox as displayed in the above screen and save the changes.

Now, load the reports based on the filters and click on the Export to Excel icon. An MS Excel file with Order_Product_Detail.xls name will be downloaded in your Downloads folder.

In the exported report, you will find the separate columns for Additional Options with their details:


Printer Order Summary Report

In the Printer Order Summary report, we have added a link to the job count for the respective orders:


Once you click on the Job Count link, you will be directed to the next page where you can check the Job Details for that ordered product:


New Minor Features & Enhancements

Assign Default User-Group to Customers:

To assign a newly registered customer into a group, you just need to set a user group as Default. Sounds simple, right? It is.

We have added a column in the “Add User Group” screen where you can make any user group as default so that when any of your customers register, they will be auto-assigned to that default group.


Add Bulk Data

To save your time in adding product’s size, additional option’s attribute, quantity and product price, we have introduced the “Add Bulk Data” feature. In the admin panel, you will see a blue link at multiple places:


In the Add Bulk Data screen, you need to enter the specified details separated by a comma. As soon as you click on the Add button, the details will appear on the main screen.

Product Size

For adding the multiple sizes of the products at one go, just click on the Add Bulk Data from the Admin >> Products >> Edit Designer Option screen:


Enter the specified and click on the Add button, the details will appear on the main screen.

Additional Option Attributes

For adding the multiple attributes for product additional options, just click on the Add Bulk Data from the Admin >> Products >> Edit Additional Options screen or Product Options screen:


Enter the specified and click on the Add button, the details will appear on the main screen.

Quantity and Price

For adding the multiple quantities and prices of the products at one go, just click on the Add Bulk Data from the Admin > Products > Product Price screen. Here, you first need to generate the range for adding the price from the Generate Range tab:


Once you enter the values for Start, End and Interval and click on the Generate Range, the Ranges will be displayed in the Add New Bulk Price tab:


Now, you need to enter the Vendor Price and Admin Markup % as shown below:


Finally, click on the Add button to add the quantity range and price for the product:


Workflow Admin: Create Shipment Label of Only Assigned Orders

To streamline the workflow, we have now allowed the workflow admins to view orders, create shipment labels for the assigned orders. Also, we have allowed to change the workflow status for the assigned status.

Use ‘Rewards’ data in Customer Details and Zapier API

We have started displaying the Rewards Points in the Customers Details section and Zapier API which can be utilized while API sync.

You can see the rewards points a customer has in his account by navigating to Customers >> Website Customers >> Customer Details:


We have added the Reward Point parameter in Orders >> Export/API Orders >> Export/API Settings >> Export/API Settings tab >> Customer Details section:


On the Store Configuration >External Service Settings > Others > Zapier page, the admin can see the reward points of all the customers by copying the Retrieve Poll URL and Generated Token in the Internet Browser window.

Assign Product Options to Photo Print Products

You can now assign Product (Master) Options in the PhotoPrint Product as well from the Admin >> Products >> Photo Print >> Additional Options screen:


Delete Older Unused User Images

You can choose to delete the unused Master Images and/or Common Images along with the User Images from the Home > Store Configuration > Manage Web Storage page.


Note: This feature will remove only the images which are not used in any of the templates.

Refrain visibility of ‘Customer Settings’ to Branch Admin:

From this version, the “Customer Settings” section from the Customers >> Website Customers >> Edit Customer page will not be visible to the Branch Admin.


Customer and Shipping Details in Product cost Estimation Email

The email template for the Product Cost Estimation is enhanced by adding three more template variables - Customer Name, Shipping Information and Current Date and Time.


Now, whenever the customer will ask for the product cost estimation for the selected product, the email will include the shipping information (Country, State, Zip code, Shipping Type and Cost which was selected by the customer for estimation) along with the Date and Time details in the email.