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Admin Section80

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Admin Section Enhancements

Rule-based product assignment to Vendor (Printer)

Earlier, Admin had to assign products to printers. There was no provision to assign the products quantity-wise, or option-wise. Now, we have implemented a feature to assign products to the printer based on Rules i.e. products can be assigned on Size Based, Quantity Based and Additional Option Based.

To check the feature go to, Admin >> Business Partners >> Printers >> Any Printer’s Action Menu

For this, we have added the setting under the ‘Add Printer’ screen, for the Admin to decide the way products must be assigned to the particular printer – manually or automatically.

Admin Section7457.png

When Admin clicks on the ‘Assign Products’, they’ll be redirected to a new and enhanced Product Assignment page of the printer. Here, Admin can check a summary of assigned products with size, quantity, and options-based rules.

Admin Section7458.png

Admin can anytime click on the ‘Assign Products’ button to assign products to the printer and create rules. Admin can assign products in two different ways –

  • Bulk Assign (assign multiple products at once then create rules later)
  • Individual (assign the products individually along with rules at the same time)

Bulk Assign

Using the Bulk Assign option Admin can assign multiple products to the printer, without any rule creation. Admin can select multiple products from the Select Products list and assign those products to the printer.

Admin Section7459.png

Once Admin assigns product, the product gets assigned to the printer (without any rule) and Admin is redirected to the Product Assignment page. The rule can now be created using the ‘Edit’ button.

Admin Section7460.png

Individual Product Assignment

Under individual product assignment, Admin can assign products and create rules. At a time Admin can select one product, then select a rule-based on Product Size, Quantity, and Additional options.

Admin Section7461.png

For dynamic size products, Admin will get to select ‘All Area’ or ‘Specific’.

Similar Product Assigned to Printer Notification

While creating rules Admin will be able to check other rules created for the same product on the right side of the same screen as shown in the image below.

Admin Section7462.png

How the product will be assigned?

The products will be assigned based on rules created. If the rule applies to multiple Printers then the system shall assign the product to the Printer that is found first in the database.

The priority of Rules assignment is defined as follows –

  • Product + Size + Quantity + Options
  • Product + Size + Quantity
  • Product + Size
  • Product

When a product is assigned to multiple printers, then the product will be assigned to printers that satisfy maximum conditions. The printer satisfying maximum condition can be said to have ‘High Probability rate of Product Assignment’.

Note: For Product assignment firstly ‘Priority of Rules’ will be checked then ‘High probability rate’ will be checked. If still multiple printers are found then the Printer that is found first will be assigned the product.

Extra Field Enhancement

In this release, we will add two new Input Types in the Extra Field creation. We have added the following two input types at two different instances –

  • Checkbox input type in Customer Extra Fields
  • Switch button in Customer Extra Fields and Manage Form Fields

Customer Extra Fields

In the Customer Extra Fields, we have added to field types – Switch Button and Checkbox.

The switch button has a default value field, meaning how it should appear at the front store by default. The checkbox field can have validation as Allow Null and Require.

To create an extra field go to, Admin >> Customers >> Website Customers >> +Extra Fields button (top-right corner) >> +Add button (top-right corner)

Admin Section7463.png

These fields appear in the ‘Import of extra fields’ flow.

Manage Form Fields

In the form fields, we have included ‘Switch Button’ as a field type with the default value (same as Customer Extra Fields).

To create a Form Field go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Manage Form Fields >> +Add button

Admin Section7464.png

Email Notification template enhancement

Now, we have added a button ‘BCC’, this will add the BCC field where Admin can enter an email ID for the same.

Along with the BCC field, we have given a provision to set the display name that e-mail recipients will see. Admin shall use the format <your_display_name>your_email_id e.g. <John Doe>john_doe@outlook.com.

To use the features go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notification >> Email Notifications >> ‘Set Email Notification’ button (top-right corner)

Admin Section7465.png

Report Enhancements

Stock Summary Report

  • Business owners must keep products in stock without tying up cash in huge amounts of inventory. To do that, one needs accurate numbers to understand when it’s time to reorder and what the reorder quantity should be. To track product stock we have added a new Report – Stock Summary.
  • Go to, Admin >> Reports >> Product >> Stock Summary
  • Admin Section7466.png

  • This report will provide you with information such as – Total Credited Stock, Total Debited Stock, and Remaining Stock along with product details.

Report Field Settings

  • In reports we had allowed Admin to manage the fields, i.e. check/uncheck the fields to view and to export. Now, enhancing this feature we are adding Display Tabs and Export Tabs.
  • To get the feature, go to, Admin >> Reports >> Any report >> Manage Field Setting button (top-right corner)
  • Here, Admin can manage the report fields to view and export separately and personalize reports according to sales and business needs.
  • Admin Section7467.png

Order Product Details Report

  • In the Order Product Detail Report we have added a new column named – Due Date. This will allow the Admin to track the estimated delivery date of the ordered product.
  • Go to, Admin >> Reports >> Sales >> Order Product Detail report
  • Admin Section7468.png

Order Delivery Report

  • In the Order Delivery Report, the date filter now will be applied based on when the order was last modified.

Minor Enhancements

Shipping label file format

  • For UPS and FedEx shipping methods we have given provision to set the label generation details. There are different settings provided for FedEx and UPS the Label Generation Details are different as explained below –
  • Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> UPS or FedEx >> Action Menu >> Edit option


  • Label Print Method – This allows the admin to download the shipping label in the desired format. Available formats are – PDF, PNG, ZPLII, EPL2, and DPL.
  • Paper Type – We have added a dropdown to select a paper type with a default value as Paper 7X4.75
  • Admin Section7469.png


  • Label Print Method – This allows the admin to download the shipping label in the desired format. Available formats are – GIF, STARPL, ZPL, EPL, and SPL.
  • Label Image Height & Width – This will help the Admin to define the print label’s height and width. The valid value for height is 4 and for width is 6 and 8.
  • Admin Section7470.png

IP Address Blocking

  • You can block multiple IP addresses to avoid unnecessary spammers and traffic. For this we have created an interface at Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> Block IP Address tab
  • Here, you can add the IP addresses that you want to block from accessing your front store and admin panel. Enter the IPs as shown in the below format – one per line and save.


Assign and manage branch to customers

  • Earlier, there was no provision for the Admin to assign branch to the previously registered customers. Admin can now anytime edit a customer and assign a branch to customers.
  • To assign branch to already registered customers, go to, Admin >> Customer >> Website Customers >> Any customer >> Action Menu >> ‘Edit’ >> Select Branch dropdown
  • Admin Section7471.png

Note – For this feature to be reflected the branch module should be enabled for your store.

Send order SMS to printer/vendor

  • Earlier, Order Update SMS notifications were not sent to the printer for the Printer Specific SMS Templates. Now, according to the configuration (SMS services and SMS notification) printer will also receive all the SMSs same as Admin and Customers.

Product details in Order Product cancellation pop-up

  • We had given a provision for customers to cancel an order product. For this when the customer clicked on ‘Request for Cancellation’ a pop-up was displayed, where customers could select a reason to cancel the ordered product, write comments (if any), and then submit their request.
  • Now, your customers will also see Product details in the Order-Product Cancellation pop-up. This will be helpful to be aware of the product that is being canceled from the Order.

Order Export XML enhancement

  • In the XML Export file of order, we have added an <pagename> attribute in the details of the print-ready files section.

Display Quote Admin Notes in order details

  • In our system, Admin Note added in quotes was not displayed on the Order Details screen. Now, we will display the Admin Note added in quotes in the Quote History tab of the Order Details page. The note is displayed right under the Quote Title.
  • Admin Section7472.png

Quote tax

  • Till now there was no provision for the Admin to add taxes in the quote product. In this version, there will be a provision for the Admin to add taxes for different quote products.
  • Admin Section7473.png

  • Admin can select the tax rate type i.e. the default tax applied in the system or a specific tax. In the Tax Rate (in %) Admin can define a percentage to calculate the product tax, however default taxes will be applied on shipping prices.

Display product quote information in Quote Price calculator Pop up at admin side

  • For the quote, we have added Quote Product Information in the ‘Online Price Calculator’ pop-up. This will help Admin in understanding the quote requirements well while analyzing the product price from the price calculator.
  • Admin Section7474.png