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Admin Section73

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Admin Section Enhancements

Upgraded Admin Panel to Bootstrap 4

We have upgraded the Admin Panel with Bootstrap 4, thus increasing the readability, and make the site more accessible. Bootstrap 4 will enhance the grid system thus facilitating you to target smaller devices such as mobile and iPad.

We have made several enhancements in the look and feel of the Admin Panel such as –

  • Improvised the Admin login page.
  • Reduced the number of clicks by omitting the action menu with less than 3 items. The items will appear as an icon thus improving the user interface.
  • The product listing dashboard includes an icon stating their type.
  • Icons are a lot smoother and simpler than the previous versions.
  • With bootstrap 4 the entire Admin Panel is restructured.

Convert Quote-to-Order in Admin Panel

The quote is one of the most glorified and acclaimed modules. It has all the features included which help you manage the quotations.

Now within the Admin Panel, you can directly convert Quote-to-Order(Offline) with/without it being Approved by your end-customers.

Example: You receive a Quotation Request via email, and its finalized over email itself. You might want to maintain this quotation in OnPrintShop.

This feature will benefit the Super Admin, Sub-Admin, and the Branch Admin.

  • Now, the Action Menu of the quote will contain a new option namely, Convert to order.
  • V734.png

  • This option will only be available for the quotes with status as ‘Quotation’, ‘Quotation Approved’, ‘Quotation Partially completed’, and ‘Quotation Completed’.
  • Clicking on the Convert to order button will display a pop-up with all the quote products. The products whose order has not been placed at least once will be ticked by default.
  • V735.png

  • The continue button will redirect the Admin on the ‘Payment and Shipping’ page of the Offline Order. Here, Admin can enter the shipping and payment details and confirm the order.
  • On the offline order screen, Admin can navigate to the second step, where they can change product options, price weight, and production days.

Minimize package wastage by assigning multiple packages

In the previous release, we introduced Master Packages, now we are extending the packaging feature. This new feature will allow you to configure multiple packages for the same product size.

  • For any Shipping Method having package configuration, the system will allow you to configure multiple packages for any given product size or any combination of attributes.
  • Out of the configured packages, the best package combination with minimum wastage will be used for calculations for Shipping rate & label generation.
  • Example: You have assigned Three Packages to a Product, with max weight - 40 LBS, 30 LBS, and 20 LBS respectively. If Total Product weight in order is 100 LBS, then the system will auto-pick ‘Two Packages’ of ‘40 LBS’ and ‘One Package’ of ‘20 LBS’. If Total Product weight in order is 110 LBS, then the system will auto-pick ‘Two Packages’ of ‘40 LBS’ and ‘One Package’ of ‘30 LBS’. Thus, leaving no space for wastage.
  • For the products not having the packages configured, the default shipping configuration values will be taken.
  • To configure multiple shipping packages, go to – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Action Menu of a shipping method >> Shipping Package Configuration.
  • There is a revised screen that will show a summary of all the products with the details of their configured package.
  • V736.png

  • The screen shows all the products with their configured package.
    • Click on the edit icon to edit the packages or to configure a new package.
    • A Not Set symbol indicates no packages are configured for the product. Thus, the system will consider the master package.
    • All the product sizes and its attribute is displayed if the package is configured attribute-wise.
  • Clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon will lead to the package configuration screen. The package configuring steps remains the same as the previous version. However, you’ll get to add multiple packages as required.
  • V737.png

Manage Customer Notification (Email Notification)

Why let the Customers and Admin receive an unnecessary email notification on every minor change or update? We’ve now modified the Email Notification screens with better UI controls?

  • Email Keys and Help - We’ve updated the email keys for better email templates searches and unified the naming convention. The email templates help is also now precise and clear, thus giving a better understanding of the user (Admin) about its usage.
  • Updated traits – Along with every email, we’ve added traits indicating who will receive a copy of the email along with its primary receiver.
  • V738.png

  • Manage Notifications – For the email sent to the customer, we’ve added a new column under the Set Email Notification, Notify to Customer. You can enable/disable the notification for the Customer and Admin. Also, for the email templates not sent to customers, this column is kept blank thus eliminating any room of confusion.
  • V739.png

Multiple Quantity Lookup Enhancement (T-Shirt Product)

In the latest version, we are including the quantity lookup for the price calculation. Now your customers can directly enter the quantity for multiple sizes for T-shirt(example) product, and the system will calculate the price based on the total quantity of all the sizes.

When the “Multiple Quantity Input” of a product is set to Yes with total quantity lookup option, then in this case the price will be calculated based on total quantity.

All the Additional Options created with input type as – Textbox with multiplication will be taken into consideration as quantity.

For the t-shirt product, the Multiple Quantity Input setting will have the following behavior –

  • No (standard price calculation)
  • Yes (if base price range created then the system will lookup total quantity)

Admin can now create a range of quantity and set a base price for them. Thus, when the multiple quantity input is set to yes, the system will perform the following actions –

  • Sum the quantities entered in the ‘text box with multiplication’ input option.
    Note – Here the values entered in the text box with multiplication data field will now be considered as quantity to find the base price.
  • Find the base price of the total quantity (20 in this case), and show the Total Quantity along with a label.
  • Add the additional options price (for small and large sizes individually) and sum it.
    Note – The customer will not be able to change the quantity, later at the Additional Information page.
  • V7310.png

Report Enhancements

Reports have an important role to play when it comes to analyzing sales and company growth. Our report section allows you to download an analyze records related to Order Summary, Order Product Payment, Customer, Coupons, Tax, Quote, Shipping, etc.

Understanding the importance of reports and how it is an important exercise to examine the sales of a company we have extended the report functions.

Report Field

In the current version, there are a few fields that one can view and there are others that can be downloaded into an excel file. Now, making the reporting more flexible we’ll allow Admin to choose the report fields they wish to view and the fields to export.

For the feature go to, Admin >> Any Reports tab >> ‘Manage Fields’

  • Each report page contains a button called “Manage fields”. Clicking it will open a popup – Report Field Setting, containing a list of all table fields of the respective report file.
  • Along with the table field, we have added checkboxes. Check/uncheck the fields that you look forward to viewing into the reports and download later.
  • V7311.png

  • The system will only show the data of the selected field name, thus allowing you to personalize your reports according to your sales needs.

New Report – Quote Summary

  • Along with order reports, payment reports, shipping reports, and more we are adding a Quote Summary Report.
  • This will help you check your quote reports with several filters, with detailed information about the rejected and approved quote along with the amount.
  • V7312.png

Payment Request Enhancement

It is quite known that Admin can raise payment requests from the Admin Panel for unpaid orders.

Now, along with raising the payment request, Admin will get the option to define an ‘Order Status’ to which the order status should be changed after the request is marked as paid. The status will be auto-applied to the Payment Request as soon as your customer pays for the payment request for that specific order.

This will save your hassle to find the intended Order ID and manually changing its status on successful payment.


  • Following the development, we have added a new dropdown called ‘Select Order Status’ and ‘Select Payment Status’.
  • Once the customer completes the payment, the order status will automatically change to the defined status. Thus, reducing one step of Admin and increasing efficiency.

Minor Enhancements

Duplicate Product with Desired Pricing Method

  • Now, with this enhancement, we have added a new dropdown called Pricing Method on the Duplicate Product Page. Thus, when Admin opts to duplicate any product they can set any pricing type. This will allow Admin to undo any mistakes made while defining the pricing method.
  • Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu >> Duplicate option
  • V7314.png

  • With every price defining method the system will disable the features that cannot be duplicated. However, you can later create those options.
  • Duplicating Fixed Price, Range Based with Multiplication and Range Based Without Multiplication product into Size Based Price (Dynamic Size) than the features such as price, templates, PDF block templates, master templates, help template will not be duplicated.

Enhanced Additional Options Rules

  • Enhancing the Option Rules feature, we have now bound the Additional Options and Size with Quantity. Now, Admin will be able to easily create option rules with the combination of Size, Quantity, and Additional Options.
  • Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu >> Option Rule >> ‘+Add’.
  • Here, we have added a new Rule-type under the ‘Select Rule’ dropdown called – Size-Quantity-Additional option based.
  • V7335.png

Order Status based on Auto-invoice ID Generation

  • To date, the invoice number generation logic was based on the Payment Status. The order marked as paid had invoice number generated.
  • Now, we have improved the logic which will serve larger business models and the system will generate invoice numbers based on Order Status irrespective of the Payment Status. E.g. – set the invoice number generation based on ready to pick up or any other shipping statuses. Now, you have the control to decide at what stage of your order cycle, you want the Auto-Invoice ID to be generated.
  • Configure this rightly and avoid the issues of missing or gap in Invoice sequence ID due to early order cancellation.
  • When the site setting is enabled and the system finds order in that status it provides an Invoice Number generation button.
    Note – This function can be implemented via a site variable setting. Connect with the Technical Team for the same.

Minimum Product Price per quantity

  • In the current system, the minimum price lookup for products works with 2 options – Base Price (includes the setup price) and Subtotal (which includes the option price), where quantity was not taken into consideration.
  • This setting works fine for range based, amd fixed priced quantity products but for custom size products we saw a demand for calculating the minimum price based on quantity. To achieve this calculation, we have added a new option in Minimum Price Applicable On called – Subtotal (Per Unit Quantity).
  • Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu >> Product Setting >> Pricing tab
  • V7315.png

  • Now, the Minimum Price will be compared with the unit quantity price of the subtotal. Here, the system will first multiply minimum price with quantity and then after the price will be compared with base price or subtotal based on the setting.

Upload Mask Image for Custom and Photoprint products

  • Earlier the Mask Images were only available for the Standard Products. Now, we are extending this feature to the Dynamic Size Products and Photoprint Products.
  • For dynamic size products such as Rounded Stickers and Photo Frames, you can now upload the Mask Image. The images can be set page-wise. Select the page name given in the dropdown.
  • V7317.png

  • We have provided the option for you to upload landscape and portrait files as well as mask images for the print-ready files. The print-ready mask images will be used in the print-ready files and PDF preview only. The other two will be available only in the designer studio canvas.
  • Mask image will be loaded in the print-ready file and the preview file as per the current system behavior.

Canvas Default Options - settings

  • In the previous version, we introduced a new product type – Canvas. However, Admin was bound to create Additional Options for the canvas and then bind with the Event Attributes.
  • Now, making the task simpler, we are giving flexibility for the Admin to set Canvas Default Events. This will let the Admin add canvas products with default events without creating additional options.
  • To set Canvas Default Events, go to Admin >> Product >> Canvas Product >> Action Menu >> Canvas >> ‘Canvas Default Events’ button.
  • V7318.png

  • Here, choose default events attributes for the required events (created by OnPrintShop technical team) only and save it for the particular product.
  • At the front store, the canvas product will load with these default events and if the customer selects any other Additional Options for personalization then the default events will be over-ridden.

Imposition module access to Workflow Admin

  • Workflow management helps standardize a working methodology, clarifies roles, optimizes productivity, maximizes output ratio, and minimizes error.
  • For every Workflow Manager, we tend to create Workflow Roles. Under the Workflow, the role Admin can give various access rights. Now, with the new development, we’ve added Impose Order under the Access Details dropdown. With this enhancement, distribute your work to your Admin(s) and manage your business efficiently.
  • To create a workflow role, go to, Admin >> Workflow Admin >> Workflow Roles >> +Add button
  • From here, Admin can give access for the Impose Order section to any Workflow Role. This will give Workflow Admin access to the Imposition Module.
  • V7319.png

Optimized Product Weight Screen

  • While configuring the product weight – ‘size with product options’, now we will not be considering the options with type – ‘with/without multiplication’ in the formation of combinations.
  • It doesn't impact product weight and using them in combination formation was leading to redundant data and repetitive product weight entry.


  • For a price calculation, they will be utilized as existing, but we will not be considering them in combination formation.

Set limitation to the uploaded file

  • Earlier due to the heavy file being uploaded via the ‘upload file’ feature, a lot of time was consumed in thumbnail creation, in some cases, even the server’s performance was severely impacted. Hence, now when large files are uploaded we will show only uploaded image name.

Tax Refund Issue when Tax included in Product Tax

  • Currently, when Product Price is configured with Tax inclusion, Tax was being calculated twice while Refund. Moving forward, we will not calculate Tax in Refund if Product Price is including Tax.

Unpaid Orders Removed from Job Board

  • Job Board helps you in managing and keeping track of bulk orders. Earlier, the unpaid orders were also shown on the Job Board along with the paid ones. Thus, we’ve fixed the issue and all the unpaid orders will not be shown on the Job Board.

Search product by its URL

  • Search boxes offer a convenient way to conduct searches. Till now for product searches in Admin Panel, we had several filters such as Product Category, User Type, Price Category, and more. Also, Admin was allowed to run the search by typing the name of the product in the Search Box.
  • Extending the search box feature, the system will now allow Admin to search for a product using the URL defined in the Product Details section.
  • V7322.png

Product Settings Optimization

  • We have optimized the product settings screen, with this the number of database queries to save product settings has been reduced.