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Admin Section Enhancement

Branch Management Enhancement

In our Print Store Branch Management, we have done two major enhancements-

Order Assignment to other Branch

Using this feature, one branch can easily assign orders to another branch. The feature will come handy when a branch is not able to fulfil the assigned order.

  • Admin will have the authority to allow/disallow a branch to assign orders to other branch(es), using a setting.
  • To support this feature we have added a new toggle button in ‘Allow assign order to other branches’ in the ‘Edit Branch’
  • When an Admin enables the above toggle, then every branch will get a dropdown listing all its fellow branches in the ‘Update Order’ section of each order. Using this feature, they can allocate the order to other fellow branches.


Quote Access by Branch

We have given quotation access to Branch admin as well, earlier it was only available for Super admin.

  • A new section ‘Quote Management’ is added in the Branch’s Admin Panel, wherein they get access to the list of quotes which placed by their customers only.


  • Branch Admin can perform all actions on quote, such as Place Quotation, Cancel Quote, View Quote Form & Post message to customer.

Bulk import for ‘Language text reference’

In this release we have added a facility of Bulk Import of ‘Language text reference’ for Admin. This will help you quickly upload language text references for multiple website languages.

  • The current functionality was quite lengthy, so we have provided an interface to bulk import language text reference with an excel file.
  • Admin can now find the feature on the path Store Personalization >> Language Text Reference>> ‘Import Language Text Reference’ button (top left corner)
  • Using 3-Step Feature, Admin can easily fill and upload the excel file.
  • Admin can also download the Sample File from the system using the filter of Group Pages and Language.


  • Group pages will list all the website pages and Select Language will list all the language enabled by the Admin.

Feature to customize layout of ‘Predefined Products’

Earlier in Store Personalization, the Admin was only able to Customize Page Layout only for Standard Products. Moving with this version Admin will also be able to Customize Page Layout for other products types like Predefined, Photobook, Book Products and Calendar Products.

  • For this we have added different product tabs in the Product Page Layout section, namely – ‘Standard, Predefines, Book, Photobook, Photoprint’.
  • These tabs will have at least one or more layout(s) created.
  • Admin can anytime add new layout in any of the Product Section using the ‘+Add’ button, where you will get the option to create layout for any desired product.


  • The Web and Mobile layouts for each Product Type is made available under the Product Type tab with unique naming conventions.
  • Once you create the layout, you cannot change the Product Type.

Template and Product level - Additional fields for production

A field is added in Product and Template settings for the Admin to enter along with the Product and Template’s Properties.

  • This additional field will contain useful instructions for printers to carry out printing more efficiently during third party hot folder integration or export.
  • The Product Information field is made available in the Product >> ‘Action Menu’ >> Settings >> General Tab >> Product Information Fields.
  • Template Information field is made available in Templates >> Product Templates >> ‘Action Menu’ >> Template Properties >> Setting Tab >> Template Information.


Note: The template and product information fields can either texts or in JSON format.

Segregation of Reward points based on user wise.

Till now, if a reward feature was enabled all the default store customers. But, due to certain architecture of our solution resellers registered into our system as default store were getting multiple discount(s).

  • For this situation we have now given a check mark to ‘Disable Reward module’ at Customer level.


  • With this feature in place, only the default store customer for whom this setting is enabled will get advantage of rewards points. Admin can anytime enable/disable this module using the toggle button for any customer.

Improved performance of store dropdown

Throughout the system we have improved the performance of dropdown wherever there is store selection by introduction of AJAX.

  • For clients having large number of store list, due to heavy data fetching activity in the back end it was difficult to bring store list in drop-down. In results system performance was affected which is now improvised.
  • We have added AJAX search method for the Store, such that only those store will be fetched (populated) that is being searched by Admin unlike bringing all the stores added into system.


Minor Enhancement

Import of Customer Address is switched to optional

Initially, Customer Address was made mandatory. But, now we have made address details non-mandatory to use the system as per different business need.

  • Due to which when any customer registers through ‘Quick Signup’ Admin had to face hardship while importing address as in quick signup address details are eliminated.
  • Also, Admin can manage the Customer’s Address from only the Edit Address section.

Provision to quickly place order by Admin in Customer Listing

We have provided a provision to quickly place an order in a single click from Customer Listing screen itself. Earlier there was no such option and Admin was forced to go in the ‘Add New Order’ section and search the customers.

  • Now we have added an option named ‘Add New Order’ in the ‘Action’ menu of each customers. Now Admin can quickly place an order for the particular Customer.


Provision to turn off Bell Notification

When the system is humming along with a lot of activity Admin start receiving a lot of notifications.

  • Sometimes the volume can get overwhelming or repetitive, as a solution to such situations we have introduced a Site Setting.
  • Go to Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> “Miscellaneous” Tab >> Enable Admin Notifications.
  • The setting ‘Enable Admin Notification’ is by default set to No. Admin can enable this according to requirement.


Refrain Admin from Deleting Default (master) Products

Moving forward Admin will be restricted from deleting any default (or master) product from the system.

  • To support this, we have added a pop-up message, it warns the Admin that the product cannot be deleted and instead suggests to disable the product (if no longer in use).


Manage web storage also for Quotes

From now on Admin will be able to manage web storage for user ‘Quotes’ as well, earlier there were no such provisions.

  • We have added Quote option in the ‘Delete for’ option of Manage Web Storage. This will be helpful to clear the unnecessary storage space occupied by Quotes.


Provision to mask image on extra pages in calendar product

We have provided a provision to add mask images on extra pages in calendar product. This allows to customize whole of the calendar product giving it a professional look and feel. Earlier user was refrained from doing so on extra added pages in calendar.

  • For this we have added a feature in Designer Option of the Calendar Products. >> Extra Page Type’ dropdown.
  • Following this, Extra Page is added in the dropdown of Page Name to add the Mask Images.

Analyze your current month Sales Graph

We have added a ‘This Month’ toggle in the Sales Orders Graph available on the dashboard.

  • Enable the toggle to get a quick graphical analysis of your current month sales.


Barcode made available for Product

Initially barcode in our invoice system was only available for order number/id. Now, it will be available at product id as well.

We have added ‘Order Product Barcode’ as a variable in ‘Invoice Email Content’. Admin can use this variable whenever required.


Third Party Image Library – Log

Our system has a provision to integrate third party image libraries into the Designer Studio. At times they used to face problems when due to certain error the images were not fetched into the system. Thus, we have created a system which will capture error log for third party image library to easily debug any issue in capturing the images.