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Quote Management

Some businesses have standard prices and products to offer, but in Printing Industry it is impossible to have fixed prices and fixed products. This is because each Printing Job requires different skills, different timelines, and materials depending on the customer’s requirements.

In some situations, when your customer wished to place a bulk order (an order amount that is not listed on your product listing pages), then in such cases they can easily request an estimated price quotation.

Quote (quotation) is a fixed price offer, made by the Merchant (in our case it is a Print Service Provider) that can’t be changed once accepted by the customer. This holds true even if you have to carry out much more work than you expected.

After receiving the quote request, you can easily perform actions on the quote and even assign it to the printers, etc., all from the Admin Panel. You can also set an expiry date for the quote, this means the quote will no longer be valid after a defined time.

How customer places a quote request?

Your customers can check all their requested quotes and even request a new quote from their ‘My Account’ section.

This section lists all the quotes requested by them, wherein they can view details of the quote and even requote the previous quote.


Enable/Disable Quote Module

By default, the Quote Management section is disabled, you can anytime enable it from –

There is also another quote related configurations available, such as –


Quote Request Product – This option will allow customers to add one product in a quote or multiple products in a quote. Depending on your business configurations you can easily select single or multiple product options from the dropdown.

Quote Request Quantity – If the customer has a few different quantities in mind for placing a quote request then this option will give them the flexibility to do so. They can anytime add another quantity for the same product and choose later which quantity to order. There are two options in the dropdown: Single Quantity and Multiple Quantity.

The Multiple Quantity option will display a ‘+’ plus sign along with the quantity textbox, as shown below –


File Upload Location of Quotes – We also have an option where customers can upload their artwork or any other file related to the quote product requested. Thus, we have given flexibility, wherein you can choose where the uploaded file should be saved. The options can be – Standard Upload or Cloud Upload or Both. Select an option that is feasible for your store.

Display Existing Products' Details and Options in Quote Form - This will allow you to display all the price calculator fields of the particular product i.e. the details configured in the OPS system for the Existing Products.

If this is set to ‘Yes’ then all the product details (size and attributes) for the existing product will be displayed in the Quote Form.

Front Store7445.png

  • For every product price calculator field – Size or Additional Options we have added an ‘Other’ option. This option will provide a textbox where one (both customer and admin) can define their custom details.
  • Front Store7446.png

  • The product option rules will only be applicable if it is created based on ‘Select Option/Other Option’
  • Front Store7447.png

  • If there are Quote Extra Fields added then they’ll be displayed after the product's price calculator details.
  • Now for existing quote products system will allow a single quantity at the time of quote placement but the admin can give quotation for multiple quantities (based on configuration setting and site variable for quantity limit) by adding quantity first from edit respective quote product from quote action screen.

Assign Quote to Printer

As soon as a customer requests a quote from their My Account section, you will receive the quote request in the Admin Panel. To check the request, go to,

Admin >> Quote Management >> View Quotes


There you’ll see that the latest quote in the system has the status as ‘Quotation Pending’. You can also check the Quote Details, such as title, product details, quotes created date, and more.

Now, if you have added Printers into your system from the Business Partners module, then the Printer column will display a pen-like icon.

You can assign the quote to the printer i.e. ask them for their quotation of the product(s).


Select product(s), printer, keep a due date and click on Save. The printer’s dropdown lists all the printer tags; you can anytime filter the printers using the same.

Once you have assigned the quote to a printer, then they’ll receive a notification into their Admin Panel. To know more, go to Printer Quotes

View Quotes

Shown below is the Quotation Dashboard, it lists quotes irrespective of their status.

You can easily filter out quotes, according to their status using the search bar.

You will see an order number under the quote status. This will appear after the customer has approved the given quote and placed an order for the same.

You will also be able to see the black tick marks against the products’ quantity, for which the customer has accepted the quote.

There are various quote statuses associated with Quotes. Learn more from here. You can quickly add a new quote from the Admin Panel itself on behalf of the customers, using the ‘Add New Quote’ button.

You can also easily check the Printer Quotes i.e. the quotes assigned to the printers from the Printer Quotes button.


Add a Quote (Admin Panel)

Just like your customer places a request for quotations from your website, you can also place a similar quote from Admin Panel.

Go to,

Quotes Management >> View Quotes >> ‘+Add New Quote’ (top-left corner)

  • In the ‘Add New Quote’ screen, select the customer on behalf of whom you wish to add the quote.
  • Give an appropriate title for the quote. This title will help you in identifying the quotes and give a basic quote summary.
  • As soon as you select the customer’s email from the dropdown, the system will fetch their First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.
  • QuoteModule1.png

  • Add Product(s)– For quotes, we have given flexibility to the customers that they can add a custom product in their quote request. They can also select a product from an existing product list.

    For custom products, you will have to add the name yourself and for an existing product, the system will list down all the products added into the Admin Panel. Enter other product details such as quantity, size, pages, etc.

    If you want to add more products into the quote, then click on ‘Save and Add Another Product’ else click on ‘Save & Continue’.


This will raise a quote request into the Admin Panel and lead you to the ‘Quote Update’ section, where you can edit the Quoted Product(s) Details, take any action on the Quote and view Quote History for better tracking of quotes.

Action Menu of Quote


You can perform quick actions on the quotes using their Action Menu. To list a few, they are – Edit, Duplicate Quote, and Delete.

Edit Option

This is the section where you accept or cancel the quote, edit product details, view customer details, change quote status and view quote history.

  • Customer Details – This section displays the customer’s details and basic quote details. You can view and edit the quote title, and also add a note for Admins. The quote creation date and quote updates date will help you keep a track of quote history.


  • Product Details – While editing a quote you can anytime add a new product into the quote. Using the ‘Add New Quote Product’ you can easily add a new product, using a similar kind of Add Product form as seen in the Add Quote Section. It is possible that on customer’s request you are willing to delete a product from the quote, or duplicate it or edit the existing products from the quote. This can happen if you have a different business model or if you are unable to fulfill the product requirements.

    For these actions, we have given quick action buttons such as – Duplicate, Edit and Delete.


  • Quote Action– This is the section where you i.e. Admin get a chance to either accept the quote or reject it. You can perform 3 actions –


    • Give a price estimation to the customer using the ‘Enter Quote Price’ option.
    • Post a message to customers asking to change product specifications or any other changes.
    • Cancel/reject the quote.

Enter Quote Price

Select this option if you will be able to fulfill the customer’s demanded quantity. You can enter a different price for different quantities and product(s) requested by the customer. You, can also use the Online Price Calculator and perform your calculation.


Allow Partial Quote – This will allow the customer to place an order of partial items from the quote. This feature works only if the quotation has two or more products. For example, if a customer requests a quotation of 3 products but wishes to order only two at first, then this feature will give him the flexibility to do so. This will encourage a more flexible business model.

Enter the price and other details, and click on Save. You can even upload a file for the customer’s approval along with the quote. The quote status will be updated in the customer’s My Account. Moreover, the customer will receive a notification if this option is enabled.

You can view or edit the customer notification email text from here.

Admin >> Content Management >> E-Mail Template >> Search with “Quote” >> Action dropdown >> Edit


As soon as you Save the estimated price, the status of quote changes to Quotation (as shown below).

You can also see the price being indicated under the Product Details column.


Front-end scenario

Your customers can navigate to quotes page via – My Account >> My Quote

In the quotes section, your customers can perform tasks such as ‘Review/Update Quotation’, Requote The Products, Requote a Single Product, or View Details of the Quote.


Using the ‘Review/Update Quotation’, your customers can Approve or Reject the quote. For products with more than one quantity, your customers will get an option to select any one quantity and continue.


Approving the quote will change the Quote status to – Quotation Approved.

Rejecting the quote will change the Quote status to – Quotation Rejected.

If the ‘Allow Partial Quote’ option is enabled, then while placing an order of the approved quote your customers will get a checkbox. Using this they can select the products they wish to order and save the others for the remaining quote life cycle.


Post Message to Customer

This option will help you retrieve more information from the customer. You have the option to upload a file for the customer’s approval.


Add a message in the text box and click on Save. This will change the Quote Status to ‘Customer Review Pending’.


Front-end scenario

Your customers can navigate to quotes page via – My Account >> My Quote

Customers can click on the Renew/Update Quotation and view your message.


Your customers will check your message and take the action as desired.


As soon as the customer sends its response the quote status changes to ‘Admin Review Pending’.

Quote Cancelled

If because of some reasons you are not able to fulfill the requested quote then, simply write a message for your customer and click on Save.


This will change the quote’s status to Cancelled both on the Admin Panel as well as in the Customer’s Account.

  • Quote History

This section will help you keep track of the activities performed on the quotes. All the changes and requests made by the Customer and Admin will be listed here.


Convert to Order

You can directly convert Quote-to-Order(Offline) with/without it being Approved by your end-customers.

Example: You receive a Quotation Request via email, and its finalized over email itself. You might want to maintain this quotation in OnPrintShop.

This feature will benefit the Super Admin, Sub-Admin, and the Branch Admin.

  • This option will only be available for the quotes with status as ‘Quotation’, ‘Quotation Approved’, ‘Quotation Partially completed’, and ‘Quotation Completed’.
  • Clicking on the Convert to order button will display a pop-up with all the quote products. The products whose order has not been placed at least once will be ticked by default.
  • V735.png

  • The continue button will redirect you to the ‘Payment and Shipping’ page of the Offline Order. Here, you can enter the shipping and payment details and confirm the order.
  • On the offline order screen, you can also navigate to the second step, where they can change product options, price weight, and production days.
If the quote is yet to be approved and you convert the quote into order, then the order quantity selected will be considered as Approved (if there are multiple quantities for a quote product).

Duplicate Quote

You can easily create a duplicate of the original quote using the ‘Duplicate Quote’ option. Check the message that appears while creating a duplicate of the quote.



Delete any quotation with a 2-step confirmation. Quotes with the status of ‘Quotation Approved’ cannot be deleted.

Note – It is recommended that you take only one action at a time when some response is pending from the customer so as to avoid any chances of overlapping actions. For example, if you have entered your quote amount on the customer's quote, you should not use 'Post Message to Customer' unless your quotation is approved or rejected by the customer. If you use 'Post Message to Customer' in this scenario, it makes your previous quotation void and you will have to enter the quotation again for the customer to approve or reject it.