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Upload Mail List

Upload Mailing List

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mailing List Services TAB > Upload Mailing List

Upload Mail list is a part of the mailing list service, which you can offer in the front store for the mailing products. You can enable the service to allow the end-user to upload and use his own mailing list in the system.

To allow users to upload their mail list, enable the 'Upload Mail List' option from ‘Mailing List Services’. Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Mailing List Services Tab >> Upload Mails List row and enable the service.

Mailing List Services.PNG

Choose the Product Service Type

Set the Product Service Type to Printing & Mailing, Mailing Only, or Printing & Mailing (Optional).

  • For this go to, Products > For Any Product > ‘Action’ Dropdown > ‘Edit’ Option
  • Under the Configuration Tab, choose the Product Service Type.
  • MailList1.png

Upload Mail List

At the front-end side when the user selects a product falling under the Printing & Mailing, Mailing only, or Printing & Mailing (Optional) category, then he can upload his mail list as shown below-


  • Click on Upload Mail List.
  • Download the Sample File.
  • MailList3.png

  • Your customer can enter the data in the same as in the Sample File.
  • Once done the customer can Upload the file and Save.
  • Else, instead of downloading the sample a user can directly upload the file.
  • The uploaded file entries will be shown as entries.
  • MailList4.png

  • Click on Save & Continue.
  • The following screen will have all mailing list uploaded by your customer.
  • Select the Mailing List and Save & Continue.
  • MailList5.png

  • Complete the order.

At the Admin side, you will get the mailing list uploaded by your customer.