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Third Party Integration73

Third-party Integration

WhatsApp Business API - Gupshup & Twilio

Engage with customers using WhatsApp, send them a notification, order alerts, shipping alerts, and discounts. Reach customers the world’s most popular messaging app through two streamlined APIs – Gupshup and Twilio.

Integrating Gupshup or Twilio into your Admin Panel provides seamless features in interacting with your customers send alerts and notifications from a range of preapproved templates.

WhatsApp has an average open rate of over 98%, making it most effective among all channels for sending crucial information like payment reminder/confirmation, order updates, etc.

Advantages of integrating WhatsApp API into your website –

  • Reach 1.5 billion people instantly via WhatsApp
  • Connect with your customers globally
  • Send messages across any mobile OS, device, and carrier.
  • Know the instant a message reaches your users with read-recipients.
  • Secure communication with end-to-end communication.
  • Deepen customers’ trust in brand messaging.

To integrate any of the WhatsApp messaging API, go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Setting >> SMS Notification tab


Enter the configuration details, also select the countries to serve and save the changes.

Note – At a time you can enable any WhatsApp API Services. Also, the WhatsApp API services work independently of the other SMS services. Admin can use SMS and WhatsApp services parallel to send a notification.

Once you save the configuration details, your customers will be able to see a message under their My Profile and Registration Page asking their consent to opt for WhatsApp notifications.


Also, while adding any customer from the Admin Panel, you’ll get the option to enable the WhatsApp notifications for the customer.


Stamped.io (Review System)

Stamped.io is a great software platform to automatically collect reviews and user-generated content like Questions & Answers, Photos, Videos.

After a successful sale, Stamped.io also has a feature send a review request email to your customer automatically.

Submitted reviews can be manually moderated or automatically published based on smart-automated rules and contents can be showcased on your OnPrintShop storefront and product pages, increasing social proofs and conversions.

Stamped.io stands to be one of the highest-rated reviewing platforms as it shows high-impact customers’ content throughout the customer’s buying journey. Also, by allowing customers to submit a review directly inside the email they receive with increase the reviews conversion.

To integrate any of the Stamped.io reviewing API, go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Setting >> Review tab


Note – There are two other reviewing system apart from Stamped.io, so only one review API can be enabled at a time.

While enabling the API and entering the configuration details you can choose whether or not to send the mail after purchase and enable star listing for your product.


Front End –


At the front end, customers will be able to see the star rating of any products based on the reviews shared. Also, they can write a new review using the write a review button. They can also share and like/dislike the review.