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A business’s success largely depends on words-of-mouth. Testimonials are a form of expression that supports this. They strengthen your brand and increase the incredibility of your business. You can gather clients’ testimonials by various means and display them on your website.

Use this section to manage and publish testimonials on your website. The interface allows you to add a new testimonial, manage existing testimonials, set up a display sequence and status. You can toggle the status of different Testimonials as Active or Inactive.


Add a Testimonial

Admin >> Content Management >> Testimonials >> Add (Top Right Link)

Adding a testimonial is as easy as a pie. All you have to do is enter the client’s name and their testimonial body/content in the Description section, apply for sort order and click on SAVE.


Edit a Testimonial

Admin >> Content Management >> Testimonials >> Action dropdown

Edit: This is a quick link to revise the details of any existing testimonials. For example, in the later stages, you can change the project details provided by the customers. Also, you can add more content to your customer’s testimonial.

Delete: Quick link to delete the selected testimonial after with a two-step confirmation.

Display Testimonials at Front Store

After adding a dozen testimonials from the Admin Panel, make sure they are noticeable at the storefront to create an impact.

Go to,

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Sidebar Management >> Sidebar Widget


From the image above you can easily make out that the testimonials are given a spot on the Right Sidebar of your website. If you wish to modify their display location or alter any other properties then simply click on Action >> Edit and make the suitable changes.

Front Store View


Order Feedback

  • To view all the order feedbacks go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Testimonials >> Order feedback button (top-right corner)
  • On this page, all the reviews will be listed. Admin can anytime enable/disable the review status for displaying them at the front end.
  • Also, we have added a new email template to take order feedback that will remind customers to provide feedback for the completed orders. Once the customer gives feedback for the order a thank you email will be sent as an acknowledgment.
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