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Template Categories

Template Categories

Admin > Templates > Template Categories

To provide an easy search console it is very much important to assign a category to each Product Template. Your system comes with 50+ pre-built template categories that you can edit, delete and assign to a sub-category.

A template category will help you in grouping templates with the same characteristics as well as, it will help customers in finding the correct template as per their design requirements.


If a category is assigned to each template, then those categories appear on your website as shown in the above picture.

A customer can click on any of their desired categories and browse from the templates falling into it.

Add a Template Category

The template category dashboard lists all the categories created along with the details of their Parent Category (if any).


Click on the ‘+Add’ button to add a new template category.

To add a new template category, all you have to do is enter the template name and give a sort order. For template, category name chooses a name that will define a class or division of Product Templates as having a particular shared category.


Template Category Action Menu

Admin > Templates > Template Categories > Action dropdown

The template category’s action menu has a lot of other courses of action that you can implement.


  • Edit – A quick link to modify the template’s name and sort order.
  • Add Sub Category – Some broad categories can have a number of sub-categories. For example, a category Gift Items can be divided into Store Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gift, etc. The sub-categories are displayed at the website in the following manner –
  • TemplateCategories5.png

  • View Templates – This link will redirect you to the Product Templates page and list out all the templates associated with the category. This will help you to check the templates before deleting any category.
  • Metatags – These tags define the content of the Template Category page. For SEO rankings you can enter a page title, keywords, and description for the same.
  • Delete – A two-step delete function to permanently delete the template category. Before deleting the template, the system will ask you to choose another template category. The templates associated with the old category will be assigned once selected from the dropdown. Assigning a new template category will save you from losing template data.