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TaxJar Integration

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Tax API TAB > TaxJar

TaxJar automates your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings which is integrated as a third-party service in OnPrintShop. Choose to automate your filings with and let TaxJar handle filing. Integrate TaxJar into your web store and never miss a due date again. On time, every time.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate TaxJar in your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Register with TaxJar


Step – 2 Setup your account

In the next step, fill up your basic account details. This will involve a few quick questions about your business so that TaxJar can tailor your experience. Enter details such as Business Name, Business Phone number, select data resources, and TaxJar will redirect you to your dashboard.


Step – 3 Get SmartCalc API

To import transactions into TaxJar get SmartCalc API. This will integrate TaxJar into your web store.

  • Go to Account > Linked Accounts.


  • Select SmartCalc API to configure TaxJar with OnPrintShop.


Step – 4 Generate API Key

  • To get the SmartCalc API Token click on Generate API Like Token.


  • You will get the API Token. Copy and Save the API token.


Step – 5 Configure TaxJar into Admin Panel

To use the third party as Tax Calculation select ‘Tax Calculation based on’ as ‘Tax Calculation based on’.

  • Go to Admin panel >> Store configurations >> Settings >> Search with "Tax Calculation based on" >> Select "Third Party API-4" >> Save


  • To enable the TaxJar services go to Admin Panel >> Store Configurations >> External Service Settings >> Tax API Tab >> TaxJar >> ‘Action’ Dropdown >> ‘Edit’ Option

TaxJar Integration8.png

  • Enter the exact origin Address in the fields and click on Save & Back.
Note - In the country field enter the ISO code of the country, for example the ISO code of USA is US and ISO code of India is IN.