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Store Section73

Store/B2B Enhancements

Assign products department wise (standard products)

With our current B2B setup we allowed adding standard products for specific stores or only to a single store(s). Now you have more control over giving product visibility to the specific department(s) for your Store Clients. Extending the product offering feature, we now have a facility where Admin can assign the standard products department-wise, just like the pre-defined products.

To assign a product department-wise go to, Admin >> Product >> +Add Product


  • Hereunder User Type you can assign the product to a specific department belonging to a store.
  • The ‘Select Department’ button will open a pop-up with all the stores and departments listed along with a checkbox.
  • You can select any department of the listed store, search for any store, and even assign the product to the whole store.


Minor Enhancement(s)

Customer name in the fixed shipping address

  • If the Shipping Address for a Store are kept fixed, then at the Payment / Shipping Details page there will be Customer Name added along with office name.
  • V733.png

  • This will help the store figure out which customer has placed the order, thus eliminating any room of confusion.