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Store Invoice

Store Invoice

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Invoice' Option

Admin can raise the invoice for more than one order for their store customers. They can also change the status of the invoice from 'Unpaid' to 'Paid.'

The invoice dashboard has three tabs namely - Raised Invoice, Paid Invoice, and Online Orders.

The screen will display the invoice number along with the order number on which invoice has been raised/created. The total of all the orders grouped in the invoice will be displayed.


To change the Status of the invoice, click on the pencil-like icon. Write down the Payment Note and click on Paid. Now this invoice will be displayed in the 'Paid' tab along with all the details.


Click on the 'download button to download the invoice.

'Add' Button

The Add button (Top Right Corner) is used to raise/add a new invoice.

  • The screen will display a list of all orders for which invoice has not been raised.
  • Select the orders to raise the invoice for. Click on 'Add button'.
  • Click on Generate to generate the Invoice Number and then click on Save after adding Remarks and setting up a due date.


Store Admin will be able to check the status of 'Raised invoice' and 'Paid invoice' from their admin panel.

Invoice Setting

Admin can set the auto invoice generation settings for the Stores. Using the Invoice Setting Admin can enable Auto Invoice generation.

Set the Date Consideration i.e. Order Date or Shipping Date. Also, Admin gets to select the Invoice Generation interval i.e. weekly or monthly.

When the interval selected is weekly then Admin gets to select a weekday for invoice generation. Similarly, when the interval is set to monthly then Admin can set a 'date' to generate the invoices.


Important Fields

  • Default Pay on limit
  • This option will help you to set the default Pay on Account limit for the store while the invoice is generated.

  • Reset Pay On Limit
  • This toggle will help you to reset the Pay on Limit after the invoice is generated. System will make remaining pay on amount as a paid and set the default pay on amount.