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Store Details

Store Dashboard

The store’s dashboard contains a summary of the store such as store details, order count, customer count, store accounts, products assigned, store specific templates, and quotes.

You can switch between stores or click any button to view details.


Centralized Data Storage (add-on)

We have centralized storage for all the customers’ data which will be shared among all your stores.

Consider a scenario when you have three stores – Store 1, Store 2, and Store 3. If Customer 1 has an account in Store 3 then to place an order in Store 1 they’ll not have to create a new account in it.

The customer’s data will be stored centrally, such as the customers can order from any store without repeatedly creating new accounts.

The data that is kept as public/private in case of centralized data storage: Customer’s QR code & Customer’s Images.

Designer Studio

You can anytime apply store-wise studio settings for your different stores. Just go to Studio Settings under Designer Studio and filter the name of your store.

Under the Setting Type select Store Setting and choose the store-specific setting.


Note - For Color Settings, there is no store-specific dropdown. The color you add from Color Settings applies to all the stores.